Eat Vienna

…Gasthaus Woracziczky The first stop on our culinary tour takes us to Vienna’s 5th district, close to the famed Naschmarkt, the largest open food market in Vienna. The name of this restaurant is a bit of a tongue twister but don’t let it scare you. It’s pronounced Wora-schit’-ski. Number 52 Spengergasse was the address of another restaurant for a long… Read more >

Eat a City: Montréal

…colorful houses, and now the home to many young professional “Montrealers”. Opened in 2016 by Rachelle Valle, William Valle and Charles Delluvio, the three siblings were familiar with the food business early, growing up around their parents’ family restaurant. After professional careers in design and business, the three decided to take the leap to create a place that serves the… Read more >

Eat a City: Seoul, South Korea

…the city for a few hours. Slow-food farm and restaurant, Seoil Farm, still operates in a traditional Korean way. It sprawls over 90,000 square meters of rolling hills and encompasses parks, farmland, pine tree groves, and ponds. In the center of it all a restaurant lets, you sample the farm’s bounty. Every day at lunchtime the farm staff gathers to… Read more >

Farm to Table at De Kas

…On a recent visit to Amsterdam, high on my list of places to visit was the restaurant De Kas. I have followed the career of De Kas chef and food pioneer Gerd Jan Hageman, one of the driving forces behind farm-to-table cooking and sustainable produce management, and was excited to taste the fruits of his efforts. I made arrangements… Read more >

Eat a City: Seattle

…Known as one of the world’s capitals of coffee, Seattle has developed a thriving food scene to go with all those cappuccinos–over 3,500 restaurants strong, and counting. We were surprised to learn that sleepy little Seattle is now the fifth most-densely populated restaurant city in America, coming in just behind New York. With a population rising along with the… Read more >

Conquering Chania

…that are designed and made in Greece. You will find smartly designed mugs, towels, bags, T-shirts, and notepads: absolutely the best place to get a souvenir to bring home from Crete. I still use my mugs from Konstantinos regularly and remember my time in Chania every time. Tamam Restaurant After talking to Konstantinos for a while about his shop and… Read more >

A Few of My Favorite Things

…when in Austria, it is not noodles but potato or cucumber salad served with Schnitzel. And if you have a craving for it, you won’t find a better version of traditional Austrian Schnitzel than at Vienna restaurant Skopik and Lohn. On a recent visit I headed over to talk with co-owners Chef Horst Scheuer and wife Connie about food, their… Read more >

Eat Amsterdam

…excited to get out and educate ourselves on the current food happenings in Amsterdam. 1 Wilde Zwijne Hopping on a streetcar towards the Oost district of Amsterdam, we are headed for the restaurant “Wilde Zwijne” or Wild Boar. Restaurant owner Julia Bachrach meets us at the door and introduces us to her partners, Faysel van Thiel, and Frenk van Dinther,… Read more >

Eat London

…walk a few blocks into the London neighborhood of Marylebone. Arriving at the restaurant Carousel we meet the young cousins of the Templeton family who are well on their way to establishing themselves as food innovators on the London food scene. Olli, Anna, Will, and Ed tell me they caught the family business bug early following the example of their… Read more >

Eat a City: Philadelphia

…runs out? No worries, you can preorder and spare yourself the disappointment of missing out. Federal Donuts is the latest venture of Philadelphia food scene veteran chef Michael Solomon. A native of Israel, Solomon’s first restaurant, Zahav, is just steps away from Federal Donuts. Zahav serves an amazing menu featuring contemporary Israeli cuisine. That’s on our list for next time…. Read more >

Eat Munich

…Vervoordt controlled all visual aspects of the renovated restaurant with menus designed to his specifications, and commissioned fellow designer Ann Demeulemeester to produce uniforms for the wait staff. Demeulemeester created a work-coat-inspired Kimono in heavy dark blue linen, which is a brilliant and practical flourish that animates the new dining room. The cuisine is just as inspiring as the décor,… Read more >

Eat a City: Brooklyn

…from nearby farms in New York and New Jersey. (Unfortunately, those Breukelen Farms have long ago given way to blocks and blocks of brownstones.) 1 Delaware & Hudson We start our Brooklyn food adventure at Delaware & Hudson, right in the heart of Williamsburg. Chef Patti Jackson, a longtime New York restaurant veteran, opened here, her first solo endeavor, in… Read more >

Eat Jeonju Food Tour

…the deceased. The idea is that this variety of foods, after their initial ritual purpose, found their way into a bowl, and with the addition of some rice made a tasty leftover dish. We are led through the restaurant and along the busy open kitchen buzzing with the day’s lunch preparations. Stacked high in the kitchen are the metal bowls… Read more >

Farm to Mesa

…longtime Mesa residents, Edmundo and Jinette Meraz. The two started out selling their empanadas from a cart at a local co-op before taking the leap in early 2016 to open their first restaurant. In the new restaurant Jinette heads up the kitchen, son Marco manages the restaurant, while sister, brother, cousins and dad make sure all the customers are happy…. Read more >

Hugo’s of Portland, Maine

…took over Hugo’s in 2012 from their former boss Rob Evans. We squeezed in our meeting early so we could get acquainted before everyone headed off to perform their respective duties in preparation for the night’s dinner service. The restaurant has been located at the edge of the Old Port district since the late 1990s, when Evans opened the place… Read more >

Jack’s Wife Freda

…Are you in New York City asking the perennial question, “Where shall we eat?” Well then, you’re going to want to check out Jack’s Wife Freda. For my money, this offers the best casual dining experience in the city. In the often crazy and pretentious New York restaurant scene, this is one bright spot you should get to know…. Read more >

River of Glass

On a recent visit to Twin Farms in Vermont’s pastoral countryside, we got a tip from our host to check out the nearby town of Quechee for “the best glassblowing and lunch in Vermont”. What a combination, we thought, so we made the short drive from Barnard to Quechee and found a great way to spend an afternoon,… Read more >

Hauser & Wirth — Art Farm

…gardens and galleries we visit the restaurant located in the farm’s former cow shed. Roth Bar and Grill is run by husband and wife team Julia and Steve Horell. It is a mixing space where people arriving with different agendas all end up together. I think this is the lynch pin of the whole place and the main reason the… Read more >

Eat a City: Manhattan

…To quote the former New York Times food columnist William Grimes from his book, “Appetite City”, “New York is the greatest restaurant city the World has ever seen”. Paris has better French restaurants, Madrid better Spanish restaurants, and Tokyo better Japanese restaurants, but no city offers such a variety of national cooking styles as New York. According to city… Read more >

Artist Residence

…of style. Both having backgrounds in art, they built their new hotel concept around a network of prolific artists that provide a steady stream of new work to AR’s rooms and hallways. The ten room hotel with street-level restaurant and basement bar dates back to1852 and was designed by architect Thomas Cubitt as a public house. Cubitt was the architect… Read more >

English Breakfast

…Bombay Cafe. The name Dishoom comes from the Bollywood sound effect used in fight scenes. Kind of the Indian version of Batman’s “POW”. This is the third Dishoom in London, by far the biggest and I think their most interesting interior to date. Housed in the voluminous three-story Victorian space it is set-up like an Indian train station restaurant. Upon… Read more >

Morning Surf—Afternoon Tea

…For lunch I met up with Australian Chef Michael Smith, owner of Porthminster Beach Cafe. I had read about him and have his cook book, so I was eager to meet him. The restaurant is on the second floor of a white Art Deco building lovingly restored to house the restaurant. I’m told that in summer the place is buzzing…. Read more >

Amsterdam Recommended

…As we left Michelle we asked for a great lunch spot that’s not in the guide books, to feature on Bearleader. Without hesitation Michelle said “I have just such a place”. Overlooking the city’s Artis Zoo in the beautifully restored Artis building is the restaurant De Plantage occupying the space of the building’s 19th century orangery. It, along with the… Read more >

Ripping the Eisbach

…time I was getting chilly so I headed over to the nearby restaurant / café, Fraeulein Grueneis, to chat with owners Sandra and Henning Duerr. Henning was born and raised in Munich and an early observer of the scene. One of his young staff, Margo, just shy of 17, surfs daily after school and helps in the kitchen at Fraeulein… Read more >

Sleeping on the High Line

…refitted for free international calls from your room. This is definitely the thinking tourist hotel. It lacks a restaurant, but hey, you’re in Chelsea! You have more than your share of dining spots a few steps away. And for destinations a bit further afar, use one of the bikes supplied in front of the hotel. Riding home late at night?… Read more >

Munich’s Lenbachhaus Shines

…of the Lenbachhaus, including the addition of a new wing by Architect Norman Foster. The renovated gallery with its new extension was inaugurated in May 2013. Norman Foster’s addition draws inspiration from the yellow Italianate villa of the original house, with a yellow tinted metal facade that guides you towards the entry. A restaurant, Ellas, on the ground floor is… Read more >

Day Light, Blue Nights

…expressed an interest in discovering more about the artists that have made their home in St. Ives. Olivier promptly set us up with a private tour of the Sandra Blow Studio, which was a real treat. Need restaurant reservations or a surf lesson? Angela and Olivier will have great ideas for you. On our last afternoon we took advantage of… Read more >

Getaway to Spain, Via Arizona

…a variety of restaurants to suit different tastes and dining styles. We particularly liked the Prado restaurant with a menu focusing on Mediterranean cuisine and using all fresh seasonal ingredients. Of course, there is a great selection of Tapas on offer if you rather share some smaller dishes; many of which are cooked on Prado’s large wood-burning stove, adding to… Read more >

Advice for Couples who Travel (Part 2)

…and places, the ways your families celebrated birthdays may have been quite different. And if your religions or ethnicities or cultures were different, then the ways you marked key life events – the food, the clothing, the significance of the event, the kinds of people in attendance – may have been strikingly different. Suppose you enter a restaurant while on… Read more >

A Magical Korean History Tour

Positioned between Japan to the south and China to the north, throughout Korean history the country has overcome waves of invaders looking to control its resources. These days South Korea’s only invasion is from tourists. And they come for a good reason, as the cultural resources on offer are rich and plentiful. Korean History: An Introduction in 7… Read more >

About the Bearleader

…reading where we have been you can easily chart your own adventures. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel … a lot. Over time, our friends began asking us for tips: a recommendation for a good restaurant in Pembrokshire; a place to stay in Alto Adige; what to do in Omaha; the best museum in London, if… Read more >

Eat a City: Astoria, Oregon

…bounty of the Columbia River. Daily, her brothers deliver just-caught fish to the restaurant. Gordon and Lisa tell us they met while they were both living in Santa Fe. On a chance encounter at Whole Foods where Gordon was working, they struck up a conversation about, what else, fish. Their serendipitous meeting ultimately led to a great collaboration at Clemente… Read more >

African American Museum Takes Its Place in America’s Front Yard

restaurant, is not only a great refreshment stop but developed in a way so as to be an integral part of the museum’ narrative. Divided into four geographical section, Northern States, Agricultural South, Creole Coast and Western Range, Chef Jerome Grant has created a daily menu showing how much African American cuisine constitutes an important part of what we understand… Read more >

Eat a City: Santa Cruz

…made the markets our starting point for our exploration of the best restaurants in Santa Cruz. 1 Bantam For our first stop, we head over to Fair Avenue on Santa Cruz’s Westside to visit one of the owners of Bantam, Ben Sims. After several years as the pizza chef at San Francisco’s Chez Panisse, Ben and his wife Sarah decided… Read more >

Toasted, with a Pat of Butter

…reason to make the trip. Situated on Lordship Lane, the main street of Dulwich, is the restaurant Toasted, a collaboration between Chef Michael Hazlewood and Manager Alex Thorp. Michael, or Hazel as everyone calls him, hails from the Southern Hemisphere and began to develop his considerable culinary skills at the well-regarded Attica in Melbourne. He later moved onto positions at… Read more >

River Cottage To Table

…quite literally set into the landscape with vast areas of glass along the edge of the classroom. The message is clear, consider not just the food in front of you, but also where it comes from. And in most cases, the food prepared at River Cottage farm and restaurant could have been observed at some point through those windows. The… Read more >

Pigging Out—Oink Oink

…strangers. But, as we discovered, through Robin’s relentless pursuit of his passion for food, charcuterie and various other food innovations, quite a unique establishment has developed. Part butcher shop, part restaurant, part lunch counter and local meeting place, Robin has created the perfect spot to work his magic. As an aside, Robin welcomed us in one of Teresa Green’s silkscreened… Read more >

High Altitude Greek Cooking

…in the 17th century. In the ‘70s, with the infrastructure of the village crumbling, the father-in-law of Tasos, the current owner, decided to save the village and turn it into an eco lodge with a restaurant open to the public. Every Tuesday, this is the home of Natour Labs Cretan Cooking Class. The beautiful stone houses of the village have… Read more >

M. Wells — Art for Eating

…the ground floor, and the home of M. Wells Dinette, a cafeteria-style eatery run by husband and wife team, Hugue Dufour and Sarah Orbraitis. Hugue got his start at the famed “Au Pied de Cochon” in Montreal, the restaurant which many say brought nose-to-tail cooking back to the Americas. On moving to New York from Montreal, Hugue and Sarah first… Read more >

The Dream Inn

…blocks east. California Dreaming in Santa Cruz The hotel is composed of two sections, a tower and a lower building containing the hotel’s original rooms, the pool and restaurant. We opted for the tower, or as the hotel refers to it, “the executive wing”. The executive wing is distinguished by its larger rooms, king-sized beds and … the brilliant views…. Read more >

Hotel Sorrento

…recent history, the lobby bar/bistro, the Dunbar Room, got its name from a ‘60s restaurant that used to occupy the top floor. Now with a new interior of black painted brick walls, Moroccan tiles, and classic Bistro furniture, it’s a place in which Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas might well have felt quite at home. Most importantly, the 76 rooms… Read more >

Hotel V Nesplein

…Lobby” restaurant. There is a particularly good breakfast menu available to get you charged up for a day of sightseeing. After returning from a full day, we also enjoyed tucking into the “Flammkuchen”, a kind of pizza with a paper thin crust. The rooms are spacious with a distinctly Dutch modern decor; an easy blend of industrial chic with warm,… Read more >

Eat a City: Ojai, California

…and good of Ojai’s chefs sniffing out the best produce for the week’s culinary offings. With local produce in abundance, they have plenty to choose from for a fresh seasonal feast. 1 Nocciola After a short stint in LA, Italian-born Pietro Biondi and his wife, Julie Hara, took over a long-vacant Ojai premise of the former L’Auberge restaurant and made… Read more >