Innovative America on Display in Philadelphia

…But because of Mastbaum’s obsession for possessing Rodin’s work, you can now enjoy Rodin’s masterpiece right in Philadelphia, on the Museum Mile. The sculptures are amazing to behold, and the museum, with its classic Cret and Greber Beaux-Arts interior, is a real treat. If you can’t make it to Paris anytime soon, the Rodin museum will go a long way… Read more >

Finding Japan in Seattle

…Japantown. 1 Maneki Our first stop is among the oldest of Japanese restaurants in America and considered veritable “royalty” for those in the know about Japanese food. With over 100 years in business and a coveted James Beard award to their name, it has changed ownership only a handful of times. With amazing fortitude, Maneki has withstood, amongst other things,… Read more >

M. Wells — Art for Eating

…rents ever on the rise in Manhattan, LIC has seen an uptick in interest in recent years from those looking for a reasonable place to live and work within hitting distance to Manhattan. As a result the area is undergoing rapid change, which is a good thing because now more than ever, there is amazing food to be had and… Read more >

The First American Surfers

…surfers who ride them. Both Ashley and Travis mentioned that, surprisingly, people sometimes order boards simply for decoration. Although they are truly works of art, I had always seen them as more of a practical item. But having seen the whole process and the amazing artistry that goes into them I could absolutely see how having a board just to… Read more >

Eat a City: Montréal

…more. Another thing that’s less than you might expect is the bill. For such amazing food, it is quite affordable. That was important for Jason and Kapoor. Their ambition was for a grounded place full of locals that come regularly. They have hit upon a good balance and the steady stream of customers pouring in on a weeknight is a… Read more >

River of Glass

…an amazing story to share. Quechee is a small town along the Ottauquechee River. And it’s where Simon Pearce, the Irish-born master glassblower, in the 1970s purchased an abandoned 1778 wool mill to live and work in. 1778 may sound quite old, but Pearce is no stranger to ancient architecture. He grew up in the town of Shanagarry on Ireland’s… Read more >

Schloss Bernstein

…particularly poignant. They must have seen their fair share of joy and sorrow, carefully written down in long hand. Large heating stoves sit prominently in each room giving a glimpse into amazing craftsmanship of days past. The views out the windows are stunning. Over the green rolling hills you can see all the way to the Alps on a sunny… Read more >

River Cottage To Table

…sitting at the table while observing the farm is an altogether unique experience. The range of classes on offer year round cover an amazing variety of skills and topics: meat cookery, bread making, gardening, food foraging, preserves, making cider and beer, butchery. And for each subject taught in the school there is a corresponding book to remind students of what… Read more >

Visiting Old Masters in Dulwich

…art galleries and enjoy amazing art collections. But this easy access to art is a relatively recent phenomenon. It wasn’t that long ago that fine art was exclusively the purview of the wealthy collectors, only available for view by those few granted access. All that changed with the Dulwich London Picture Gallery. This was the very first public, purpose-built gallery… Read more >

Eat a City: Philadelphia

…runs out? No worries, you can preorder and spare yourself the disappointment of missing out. Federal Donuts is the latest venture of Philadelphia food scene veteran chef Michael Solomon. A native of Israel, Solomon’s first restaurant, Zahav, is just steps away from Federal Donuts. Zahav serves an amazing menu featuring contemporary Israeli cuisine. That’s on our list for next time…. Read more >

Eat a City: Brooklyn

…bar. Complete with its own beverage director and tea connoisseur, Jeff Ruiz, you will be delighted by Jeff’s deep knowledge of teas, either in the form of a soothing hot drink or refreshing cocktail. Frederick Olmsted was once described as ”a genius of place”, based on the amazing parks he designed for Manhattan and Brooklyn. He believed that every place… Read more >

Paris on Four Wheels

…waved us through and voila, we were in the heart of Montmartre slowly making our way through the crowded cobblestone streets. After an amazing three hours, Vincent dropped us back at Place des Vosges and we said our goodbyes. What a wonderful time we had. Most importantly, my friend and her mother duplicated our experience just a few weeks later,… Read more >

The Good Host

…On the day of my hike, I had been absent all day and tried to sneak into the hotel unnoticed after dusk, but was spotted by Penelope and Yannis, of the wait staff. They noticed my wobbly legs and said one word, “Samaria?” We laughed and exchanged some jokes and stories about the day’s amazing activities. If you like, you… Read more >

Getaway to Spain, Via Arizona

…the resort was built in the lush Sonoran Desert to take advantage of the area’s more than 300 days of sunshine a year. There are amazing views of the nearby Camelback mountains, so close that you can take a quick hike in the morning or just before sunset. The resort has a generous, rambling layout and never feels crowded. Just… Read more >

Foraging for Food

…with Jonathan via his website ( He will show you some amazing things the sea has to offer, tell great stories … and provide a picnic to boot. A note of caution: It is prohibited to forage on your own. You need a license, and expertise, to ensure that the seaweed is harvested in a way that keeps it growing… Read more >

Eat a City: Manhattan

…no added color and simple canteen-style table settings, the room appears spacious. And with no other distractions, all attention is directed toward JP’s amazing food. For a three-course menu, Atoboy comes in at about 36 dollars. For food this labor intense and of such high quality, that’s phenomenal! As they say in Korea “나는 거기에 가고 싶다”, “I want to… Read more >

Eat a City: Ojai, California

…after falling in love with the weather and the amazing produce readily available from local farmers. The contrast to their previous home in Massachusetts was dramatic, and once bitten by the Ojai bug there was no looking back. Starting out small, Bobbi began selling baked goods at the weekly farmers’ market before finding their permanent home just a few blocks… Read more >

The Tough Luxury of an Alpine Hay Bath

…30 minutes wrapped in linen sheets to help let the essential oils, natural fragrances, and tannins work their magic. It is a truly amazing feeling that leaves you completely spent. David suggests a seven- to ten-day program of treatments and sleep to gain the full relaxing benefit of the treatment. On our next trip through northern Italy we will definitely… Read more >

At The Chatwal Hotel, Experience Turn of the Century Manhattan Today

…Off Manhattan’s 44th Street, a few steps from the hustle and bustle of Times Square, is The Chatwal Hotel. A few years ago this amazing property got a new lease on life. From what used to be the exclusive haunt of The Lambs Club, Midtown hangout for the theatrical set, The Chatwal Hotel now brings the Lambs’ vibe to… Read more >

A Magical Korean History Tour

…short tour of seven Seoul destinations, you will have the beginnings of an understanding of this fascinating country and its thriving modern culture. Details Navigating your Korean history tour around Seoul is easy with their amazing public transport system. But using a local guide will really make your tour special. We had a fantastic experience with guide arranged through US… Read more >

Morning Surf—Afternoon Tea

…abstract paintings adorn the walls, and her eccentric wardrobe still hangs on a coat rack in the studio. Like many artists Sandra Blow moved to St. Ives for the amazing light. Jon, her long-time friend, talked vividly about the beginnings of her art career in Chelsea, and her creative process. I found that part the most interesting. A fabulous morning…. Read more >

Taking the Train Back in Time

…or otherwise produced on the Isles. And as you dine, all the while the picturesque English countryside is slowly passing by. If there was one thing that really set the stage for our trip back in time, it was the amazing original hand-crafted interiors. All the cars are wood paneled and each uses a different decorative motif, implemented in the… Read more >

Tracing the Secret Tyburn River

…structure, or the gentlemen’s club culture you see in films and read about in literature – such as in Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days – this club culture is still very much a part of modern London. And it contains a multitude of other odd and amazing stories that will make your wanderings that much more interesting…. Read more >

Dr. Sands on Robert & James Adam

…them, for the sum of 200 British pounds. That would be about 16,000 Pounds today. Each of these amazing drawings were acquired for the price of a couple of postcards. The collection, which is about 80% of all the surviving drawings produced during Robert Adams’ careers. Somehow they remained intact while passing through many hands in the years after Robert… Read more >

Habsburg Gold

…Rudolf room) are displayed some of my favorite objects in the collection, the automated and scientific machines. They are amazing to behold, even when they sit idle. Considering their age it is hard to imagine they would still work but they do, in fact, operate perfectly. Around the perimeter of the room tablet computers have been built into benches, conveniently… Read more >

Twin Farms Vermont

…sent us on our way with a lovely packed lunch for the trip home. Driving back through the rolling hills of Vermont we stopped in a small town, enjoyed our lunch and recalled our amazing few days at the very special Twin Farms. < More fascinating vacation destinations await. Let’s go. Details For detailed information and reservations, go to;… Read more >

Norton and Sons

…classic brand steeped in the traditions of men’s tailoring. One really special thing about buying a suit at E.Tautz in London: If you need alterations to get the fit just right, it will be tailored at Norton and Sons so you get a fantastic suit with an “almost” bespoke fit. That is an amazing value! When we meet, Patrick is… Read more >

Eat a City: Santa Cruz

…Stern. Katherine, a well-traveled and experienced chef, teamed up with Patrice after stints in Scotland and Italy. Now she brings authentic, simple Italian food to her new Santa Cruz admirers. Katherine’s food is stellar. Her talent for flavor/texture combinations, as well as the amazing craft she learned in Italy, transports you right to “The Belpaese”—all without suffering jet lag. Her… Read more >

The Dream Inn

…indispensable tool for the modern surfer. We targeted the O’Neill Lounge for breakfast to enjoy the amazing morning light and a front row seat to observe the West-Side surfers catching a few waves before work. You can easily take in Santa Cruz on foot, but if you prefer a faster mode of transport, try one of the Dream Inn’s complimentary… Read more >

The Spanish Riding School

…some amazing hidden spaces inaccessible to the general public. That tour we are covering in a future issue, so stay tuned. The History The First thing you should know about the Spanish Riding School is that there is no institution like it anywhere in the world. Nowhere else have equestrian skills been preserved and practiced in their original form continuously… Read more >