Tribeca and its 10 Best

…hot, it’s a great place to while away the afternoon. 9 Grand Banks For most of Manhattan’s history it has been a place of manufacturing and trade. The infrastructure at the edges of the island were driven by shipping to support the coming and going of goods and people. When all that business disappeared the waterfront fell into disrepair and… Read more >

Eat Vienna

…and its old world charm can be absorbed in just a few days. We decided to search for places where you can experience authentic-contemporary-Viennese life, that are frequented mostly by locals. These are places that don’t cater to the familiar Viennese stereotypes. If it’s schnitzel and apple strudel you are looking for, you may want to look elsewhere. 1 Gasthaus… Read more >

Amsterdam Recommended

…on, we jumped at the chance. We firmly believe that the character of a place is mostly down to its people, so what better way to convey what’s going on than to talk to locals. With a bit of research and some recommendations from our friends, we arranged a few meet-ups with some movers and shakers to talk to them… Read more >

Eat the Catskills

…of the Catskills. The Phoenicia Diner has been a fixture on Route 28 for ages although for most of that time it has not been known for its excellent food. That was until in 2012, when longtime Catskills visitor Mike Cioffi purchased the Diner and breathed new life into the place. Fortunately he kept the “bones” of the place intact… Read more >

Day Light, Blue Nights

…they heard that The Sunshine B&B was up for sale and they decided to have a look. “We knew in a matter of minutes this was the place” says Olivier. And so the plan was complete. With a top-to-bottom renovation Trevose Harbour House was born. In my opinion it’s the small details that make a place, and Angela’s personal touches… Read more >

Good & Proper

…measure. Take some home and share the experience with friends and family. Looking for an authentic London experience? This Saturday-morning outing fits the bill. Details You will find Emilie and her spiffy Citroen on Saturdays at Brockley Market, or on weekdays at Kings Cross. Follow Good and Proper Tea on Twitter or Facebook. Photography and story by Daniela Stallinger… Read more >

From Sky to Shining Sea

…sleepily stumbled from place to place as she was gently prodded by a sweeper preparing the station for the day’s coming crowds. I have visited Crete several times and completing the Samaria Gorge hike has always been on my list to things to do. This time though the Samaria Gorge, it was September. Why is that important? Well, September is… Read more >

Eat a City: Seattle

…a Mason Jar is that it is just as good when you bake it at home as it is in the shop. So don’t forget to take a few with you for later. 3 Salare North of Seattle is the Ravenna district, named after the Italian town of the same name, making this the perfect place for Eduardo Jordan’s… Read more >

Eat a City: Brooklyn

…workshop, bar or shop, there are acres of old Brooklyn. But that makes the discovery of great places all the more special. Because Brooklyn is the ultimate American melting pot, it’s the perfect place to experience the best of contemporary American dining. It’s an easy place to blend Latin, Asian, and Mediterranean dishes with food-pickling techniques and fresh produce from… Read more >

A Magical Korean History Tour

…Positioned between Japan to the south and China to the north, throughout Korean history the country has overcome waves of invaders looking to control its resources. These days South Korea’s only invasion is from tourists. And they come for a good reason, as the cultural resources on offer are rich and plentiful. Korean History: An Introduction in 7 places The… Read more >

Eat a City: Montréal

…Another thing that’s less than you might expect is the bill. For such amazing food, it is quite affordable. That was important for Jason and Kapoor. Their ambition was for a grounded place full of locals that come regularly. They have hit upon a good balance and the steady stream of customers pouring in on a weeknight is a testament…. Read more >

Taking Flight in Doddington

…sideshows for tourists at old castles. This usually involves bad actors in cheap Halloween store costumes, trying to get you into the spirit of medieval life; not interesting in the least. So I began a search for a place where an amateur could truly participate in the sport. I was thrilled to come across The Hawking Centre in Doddington PlaceRead more >

Schloss Bernstein

…are historic homes, or places where a famous person stayed. These are places where the mists of time are so thick that you can easily lose yourself in the story of the place. Reports of ghosts are not uncommon in such places, and in certain ways the accumulation of things and experiences from past occupants do amount to something tangible… Read more >

Conquering Chania

…Were we mistaken about this place? We quickly changed strategies. It is true that Chania’s harbor is the most picturesque part of town, and probably for this reason uncontrolled development has taken over, making the place a bit of a mess. Realizing we needed help ferreting out the hidden delights of Chania, we sought professional assistance. Dr. Alexandra Ariotti is… Read more >

Pavilion of the French Queen

…Through a small passage off the north arcade of the Place des Vosges, sits the “Pavilion of the Queen” (Pavillon De La Reine), a place where you can lodge in the style of aristocrats of old, and walk in their footsteps through its historic arcades. The Place des Vosges is always on our itinerary when visiting Paris. Usually we pick… Read more >

Walking Wales in the Path of Henry Tudor

…You may have noticed, Bearleader likes a good hike. There is nothing like a day of fresh air, stunning scenery, a good story, and some simple fare. You can get by with any two of these and have a perfectly enjoyable day. Can you have it all? It’s not easy, but you can find it. This story is about walking… Read more >

Hugo’s of Portland, Maine

…Portland Maine is one of those places were a clear vision, enthusiasm and a love for ingredients shapes the place. Mike started sending out plates as we chatted. First, was a poached duck egg, served with savory granola confit, beach mushroom, parsley puree and candied orange zest, accompanied by bacon on toast. It was a sensational dish. I would say… Read more >

Eat a City: The Seoul Food of South Korea

…been standard equipment. But now they have been replaced by an indoors “Kimchi fridge”. For young couples in Korea, no wedding registry would be complete without one. To get a taste of this national fermentation obsession, there is no better place to look than in one of Korea’s major metropolitan areas, like Seoul, where the population has been drawn in… Read more >

Paris on Four Wheels

…In the best of times, the streets of Montmartre are thronged with tourists trying to absorb some of the village’s former country charm. Walking the narrow streets one inevitably ponders how pleasant it must have been when this place, much removed from bustling Paris, would have been the kind of quiet, inexpensive place where artists flourish. While the streets and… Read more >

About the Bearleader

…We are adventurers. Our mission is to seek out spectacular events and simple pleasures, awe-inspiring landscapes and places where traditions are meticulously maintained. We look beyond the obvious to discover hidden gems to share with you.With beautiful exposés of the people and places we come across we hope to inspire you to follow in our footsteps. By seeing and reading… Read more >

African American Museum Takes Its Place in America’s Front Yard

…With much anticipation, we tuned into the long-awaited opening of the Smithsonian’s latest the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). Having not followed the decade-long development process that led to Saturday’s opening, it strikes me as odd that this particular telling of US history had not been given form and place earlier. It’s lateness to the national… Read more >

Eat a City: Philadelphia

…bread. Great ingredients make this bread a whole different animal than commercially baked bread. Forget the no-gluten craze for just a moment and remember the good old days when good bread was good for you. High Street bread is still like that. Heading over to the bread counter to pick up a loaf of Alex’s bread to take home, Ellen… Read more >

The Good Host

…hotel flows effortlessly, with its lounge, terraces, pool, and beach access. The beach is public but the Ammos Hotel maintains its own beach chairs and palm umbrellas for guests. With pool and ocean adjacent to each other you can easily satisfy your bathing whims. There is always a perfect place available to lie in the sun. The rooms are impeccably… Read more >

Somerset Ice

…When thinking about classic European destinations guaranteed to deliver maximum yuletide joy for the lead-up to Christmas, cities like Vienna, Nuremberg, Munich and Salzburg immediately come to mind. And for good reason, because most of the traditions, symbols and characteristics that we now associate with Christmas were born in the Germanic countries, with some traditions, like Christmas trees, originating way… Read more >

Pigging Out—Oink Oink

…Ottery has the feel of being undiscovered. The kind of place you stumble across in an out-of-the-way place and can proclaim to the world, “Look what I have found”. Unfortunately for us, The Rusty Pig Ottery is quite well known in these parts, and much further afield, as attested by his name coming up several times in conversations with strangers…. Read more >

Eat a City: Manhattan

…Ice Cream Nicholas Morgenstern, a pastry chef, decided in 2014 that it was time to reinvent the traditional American ice cream parlor. What better place to hatch his plan than on Manhattan’s lower east side, the place where so many of America’s food traditions got their start, and now a place where a new generation of food innovators is rediscovering… Read more >

A Train to Haarlem

…our relatively easy trip into town. Their dedication to come and experience Hals first-hand is testament to how ahead of his time Hals was. If he were alive today, we would likely call him a “Lifestyle” painter. In contrast to his contemporary, Rembrandt, who ingeniously devised ways to illuminate his subjects with candlelight, Hals preferred to place his subjects in… Read more >

Advice for Couples who Travel (Part 2)

…cathedral, filled with musicians and street vendors; it’s the place for rallies, celebrations, and whiling away time with friends and family. You might ask your partner if they had a town square or central gathering place where they grew up. Did they have a place where the locals hung out on warm evenings, or a place where people would gather… Read more >

Eat a City: Santa Cruz

…we were impressed with their passion for the outdoors, their deep sense of community, their love of dining out and eating good food, and the likelihood that they are regular surfers taking advantage of the legendary waves along Santa Cruz’s busy coastline. These local devotees of fine fresh local food have not made Santa Cruz their home by accident. The… Read more >

Eat Amsterdam

…educational use. A cozy place with great food, a perfect place for a leisurely dinner with good friends. 4 Holtkamp A staple on the Amsterdam food scene since the 1960s, this small wood-paneled patisserie shop is legendary. Speak to anyone that spent any length of time living in Amsterdam and they will regale you with fond memories of Holtkamp cakes… Read more >

Advice for Couples who Travel (Part 1)

…I’ve learned that such days take a toll on me emotionally. Despite my excitement about visiting a new place, the fatigue and disorientation (not knowing my way around, being in an unfamiliar culture) can leave me discouraged and even doubting that the trip was a good idea to begin with. And sure enough, as the day wore on such thoughts… Read more >

M. Wells — Art for Eating

…ever on the rise in Manhattan, LIC has seen an uptick in interest in recent years from those looking for a reasonable place to live and work within hitting distance to Manhattan. As a result the area is undergoing rapid change, which is a good thing because now more than ever, there is amazing food to be had and great… Read more >

Eat a City: Astoria, Oregon

…the business. With a short apprenticeship under the previous owner they learned the basics of how to provide bread and baked goods to the community, daily. Now, years later, Blue Scorcher is still going strong, with its crew of cooperative owners turning out yummy, local-produce based, loaves of bread and baked goods daily. Some of the owners have even developed… Read more >

Post Socialism in a Blue Skoda

…Having recently ventured as far east as Vienna, it seemed a shame not to take the opportunity to go all the way “east” to Bratislava, and cross the borders that really divided east from west for much of the 20th century in this part of Europe. Time for some good old Soviet nostalgia. The last time I was in Bratislava… Read more >

Eat Jeonju Food Tour

…the best restaurants, places you would never find on your own, revealing the cuisine, customs, and practices that make Korean food so unique. We chose their Jeonju tour. Jeonju is just two hours south of Seoul and easily reachable via high-speed train. It’s the perfect short getaway from Seoul to gain a better perspective on the country. We wanted to… Read more >

Cocktail Tales Chin Chin!

…Tony’s latest venture and a good theme choice for a neighborhood with deep Italian roots. We sit down to chat on one of Bar Termini’s mint green banquets. With the marble bar, exposed brick walls and suitcases stacked on train car luggage racks, the place has the classic feel of an old train station bar, buzzing with people up early… Read more >

Eat Munich

…dine. We will be picking options in different price ranges, styles of food and places that are good to visit at different times of the day. All our suggestions will serve fresh, local and mostly organic food. And of course any place we suggest will be a fun outing. First up, Eating Munich. If you are like me, images of… Read more >

Toasted, with a Pat of Butter

…And then the taste, like a tangy cream but much thicker. It’s so good you could eat it on its own. Michael makes it daily from fermented raw milk sourced from a dairy just outside of London. There are three dining areas, one in front next to the bar, one almost in the kitchen where some prep work takes placeRead more >

The First American Surfers

…The Surf, reported that “Sunday afternoon at the beach was one of the liveliest of the season. It was warm, very warm, but tempered by a breeze, which made the heat endurable and kept people good-natured.” It described the promenade along the beach as a “bright and moving picture of itself,” as each of the local streetcars brought “a full… Read more >

Eat a City: Ojai, California

…in a place where great produce is readily available year round: great things! Which makes visiting Ojai for a few days just a bit frustrating: so many great places to eat and so little time. Note to self, better plan a longer trip next time. Details Nocciola: Open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm, closed Sunday and Monday…. Read more >

Eat, Chat, Love at Eschi Fiege’s Vegetarian Mittagstisch

…refreshed by my Vienna vegetarian Mittagstisch and ready for whatever is in store. The tag line for Eschi’s book is “Sie kocht als wuerde sie uns lieben”. A rough translation of that is, “She cooks with love”. That’s a good place to end. Details If you’re in Vienna you can experience Mittagstisch for yourself. For times, gatherings and information, please… Read more >

Innovative America on Display in Philadelphia

…agreed, and the result was Rodin’s sculpture, “The Athlete”. Back in Philadelphia a few years later at a social gathering, White met the wealthy movie theater magnate and philanthropist, Jules Mastbaum. Mastbaum mentioned to White that he was in the process of looking for sculptures to place in the foyers of his movie theaters across the country. Fresh off his… Read more >

Farm to Mesa

…name derived from a particularly appropriate or suitable characteristic. The mysterious thing about aptonyms, though, is that the name is often given even before the characteristic it denotes is even known: as if it somehow dictates future. It can happen to places as well as individuals. Mesa was named for its unique geography, with its raised flat-top areas in the… Read more >

A Passage on the Cutty Sark

…launched. In that very same paper it is also announced that celebrations had just taken place to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal. Ironically, the fastest clipper in the world launched on the same day clipper ships, in general, became obsolete because, with the new shipping route through the Suez Canal to China, Steamships not clippers could make the… Read more >

Hauser & Wirth — Art Farm

…far. I planned my trip on a Tuesday thinking I would have the run of the place. No such luck. Even on a cold and grey winter’s day the galleries were bustling and the dining room was fully booked. On weekends there are many more visitors. From the start Hauser & Wirth placed a strong emphasis of reaching out to… Read more >

Ripping the Eisbach

…in tow. The Unlikely Story of How River Surfing Started in Munich The story goes like this: One day years ago where Prinzregentenstraße passes over the Eisbach River it occurred to someone that it might be a good idea to throw a beer table into the river, tie it to the bridge and climb on board. Sounds ridiculous right? And… Read more >

Making Clay

…Nestled in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle is Laguna Pottery, the storefront of Michael Lindsey’s ceramic collection. A mecca for collectors, enthusiasts and amateurs alike, Michael’s is a great place to find unique objects to treasure or to give to a very special someone. Part museum, part shop, all curated with Michael’s extensive knowledge of American ceramics, this is… Read more >

Country Retreat for the Urban Weary

…This week we make our way from city to country to spend a few blissful nights in a bed and breakfast in Wales. Accommodations of the bed-and-breakfast type are well known across the world for a good night’s sleep at a reasonable price. And all those nights add up. In Britain it’s to the tune of around 25,000 establishments contributing… Read more >

Welcome to Jasmine Chang, Bearleader’s new Market Editor

…lightweight down jacket from Uniqlo. They pack into themselves and cost nothing to replace if lost. Bearleader: Closer to home, where are you drawn to in New York City? Jasmine: Any place in Brooklyn that has uneven cobblestone streets, Vinegar Hill, Dumbo, Red Hook…I love imperfection. No heels allowed! Bearleader: What was your coolest assignment, so far? Jasmine: Definitely styling… Read more >

River Cottage To Table

…a bit of a fan of the TV show, getting to explore Hugh’s kitchen was a high point. One thing I learned from Hugh was that, with an old stove and an old table and a warm fireplace, you can make almost anything you want. And seeing Hugh’s old stove, table and original 17th century working fireplace in real life,… Read more >

Heigh Ho, Heigh Hoh

…The farthest reaches of a place always have a wild quality. Explorers seem to seek out places that, once reached, naturally mark the end of a journey. It’s as if explorers have trouble setting their own limits so natural barriers form a convenient stopping point. This trip is to one of these places. Put your finger on the point most… Read more >

Morning Surf—Afternoon Tea

…School, for a good cup of tea. What a great feeling. I settled into my comfortable bed at the Trevose Guest House early that night. I was completely knackered. Apparently there are some muscles you use in surfing that are not generally used. I really was sore. Next day, after enjoying Oli’s fantastic breakfast, he and Angela invited me along… Read more >

Farm to Table at De Kas

…On a recent visit to Amsterdam, high on my list of places to visit was the restaurant De Kas. I have followed the career of De Kas chef and food pioneer Gerd Jan Hageman, one of the driving forces behind farm-to-table cooking and sustainable produce management, and was excited to taste the fruits of his efforts. I made arrangements to… Read more >

Hotel Sorrento

…One recipe became quite famous: a brownie containing nuts, fruit, spices, and marijuana. Yes, long before the drug wars of the 1980s marijuana was a quaint little herb whose medicinal qualities were quite commonly and happily used for all manner of ailments. Speaking of good vibes, Ms. Toklas may have neglected to ever check out of the Sorrento. Reports of… Read more >

Jack’s Wife Freda

…opening in 2012, it’s been one of my favorite places to hang out; one of those little gems that was popular from the start. But unlike many new restaurants in New York, this place got it right at the beginning, and now is thriving with a loyal following. Visiting this time as a journalist rather than as a customer, I… Read more >

A Bird Alights in LA’s
Century City

…my appointment with Brandon, but I’m eager to meet him and experience his unique take on California cuisine with an Asian tinge. Century City Restaurants: Hinoki & the Bird The name is intriguing. Is it a fable or does it allude to more structural elements of the place or cuisine? Taken literally, a “Hinoki” is a tall, slow-growing tree, similar… Read more >

Paintings as Big as Hills

…no signs or anywhere to park, we kept driving. A bit further on we spotted some very “national park” looking buildings and a parking lot. “That must be it”. And soon we saw a small sign confirming that this was the place. Taking a left we entered the park orientation area, which is basically a restroom, and the only one… Read more >

At The Chatwal, Turn of the Century Manhattan Today

…how the place had transformed into a cozy winter wonderland. What was cool and quiet in the summer was now warm and festive, seemingly the perfect place for a New York stay during any season, especially for Broadway fans where all on offer is at your doorstep. You might think that biking in Midtown would be a challenge, but it… Read more >

Norton and Sons

…made, good fitting clothes stood out amongst his sometime less kempt class mates. And in the context of Norton and Sons, his natural curiosity about quality, tradition, fit and style was critical in setting the direction for Norton and Sons’ third century. For the perfect bespoke suit, go to Savile Row in London. For the best tailors on Savile Row,… Read more >

Walking with Seven Sisters

…see an interesting mix of people; young, old, many families and tourists, all there to marvel at the breathtaking views. Strangely, the park is featured prominently in many Asian guide books and classified as a major London landmark. But if you ask someone in London about the Seven Sisters, most people will not have heard of it, thus, a goodRead more >

Twin Farms Vermont

…terrace and enjoyed a before-dinner drink. The air was crisp but the crackling open fire kept us warm. Dinner is served, so we move indoors to the dining room. Twin Farms is one of those places sufficiently remote from the lights of urban places that the stars make themselves brilliantly known as night falls. When in the country simple things… Read more >

Hanok Hotel Hagindang

…want to book the Hanok directly go to The site is in Korean only but Google will translate it for you. A great US-based travel agent specializing on South Korean tours is Good Day Tours. To find out about tours, and flights, and to subscribe to their customized tours email, go to Photography and story by Daniela Stallinger… Read more >

A Quick Dip in Zaha Hadid’s Swimming Pool

…the hat then.” She wished me “good day” and was off, her own hat pinned perfectly in place. Zaha Hadid Remembered at Her East London Swimming Pool The facility contains three swimming pools. The competition pool is the largest at 50 meters long, the equivalent of four London double decker buses, and 3 meters deep. The training pool is also 50… Read more >

Ham House

…of the movie “Elizabeth”. And we also know of James I through his “King James Bible” fame. After King James’ passing the house went to his son Charles I, who leased it to his good friend and former whipping boy, William Murray, 1st Earl of Dysart. And what, pray tell, is a whipping boy? Because kings were understood to be… Read more >

The Scheer Economy

…and I would suggest that a tipping point has recently occurred. While mass production has given us adequate facsimiles, for a whole range of goods and services there is simply no replacement for what’s made by hand, with dedication, intuition, experience and care. From butchers and bakers to candlestick makers, there is renewed interest in quality hand-made goods. In fact,… Read more >

Hotel V Nesplein

…restaurant. There is a particularly good breakfast menu available to get you charged up for a day of sightseeing. After returning from a full day, we also enjoyed tucking into the “Flammkuchen”, a kind of pizza with a paper thin crust. The rooms are spacious with a distinctly Dutch modern decor; an easy blend of industrial chic with warm, comfortable… Read more >

Tracing the Secret Tyburn River

…Upon moving to London a few years back, I stacked up on local literature about what to do and where to go around town. Being in a city so rich in history, it seems you could never run out of places to go and stories to explore. One of my favorites is a book by Andrew Duncan entitled “Secret London”…. Read more >

Time-honored, Locally Sourced

…Crossing the threshold of E Smith Mercantile, it is immediately apparent that this is not your everyday modern store. Curiosities, locally sourced goods and traditional products that you just don’t see anymore. Part museum, part general store, part saloon: for an Austrian kid who grew up reading about cowboys and indians, this is how I pictured the general store. The… Read more >

Battle Armor at the Graz Zeughaus

…This is not just a museum. This is a place unchanged, a time capsule that can transport you back 100, 200, 300, almost 400 years. Walking on these floors, you are mere millimeters from the actual surface that men trod, who went to battle girded in medieval battle armor for honor, profit, or because they had no choice. The feeling… Read more >

River of Glass

…coast. That was the hometown of William Penn just before he headed over to the Americas in 1682 to start his new-society experiment in what’s now Pennsylvania. Simon is the latest of a long line of artisans, including his father, who ran a small pottery studio. When Simon was pondering his career choice, the age of mass-market consumer goods was… Read more >

Artist Residence

…long been the place of small tattered hotels and B&B’s for a pretty penny. Well those days are over, there is a new kid in town. Artists Residence is a lovely and inspiring place to stay, produced and run by lovely people with a passion for their customers’ comfort. What’s not to like? < More fascinating vacation destinations await. Let’s… Read more >

Visiting Old Masters in Dulwich

…such great light. They are all strategically placed to give the perfect overhead lighting for viewing the paintings in daylight year round. Soanes’ characteristic manipulation of space is also evident. The gallery is essentially one long room with several alcoves opening off the main space. Even though the main gallery is not large, the use of light gives it a… Read more >

Dennis Severs’ House

…to detail, Dennis built up the everyday lives of the family, even down to the food they ate. When Dennis started giving his famous nighttime tours, visitors would be dazzled by the succession of candlelit rooms, the smell of the Jervis’ meal still half consumed on the table, the fireplace crackling, and Mr Jervis’ pipe, quickly set aside as if… Read more >

The Tough Luxury of an Alpine Hay Bath

…What would the modern spa be without treatments that seem implausible, absurd even? Mud baths, hot stone treatments, even leeches offer therapeutic relief to those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Judging by the relatively limited menu of treatments on offer at spas, it is clear that discoveries of good new treatments are rare. So, when we heard tales of an obscure… Read more >

Spend the Weekend with Friends in the Catskills

…and Twenty blackbirds in Brooklyn. The staff are super helpful and great for sending you out into the rolling hills with tips on good things to do, eat and see. We spent the afternoon exploring the area’s tiny towns–Andes, Bovina, and Delhi–and then made sure we were back in time for Table on Ten’s famous brick-oven pizza night. Next morning,… Read more >

High Altitude Greek Cooking

…restored and outfitted as guest accommodations, with fire places inside, and hammocks outside perfect for reading in the afternoon sun to the occasional sound of bells from goats wandering the surrounding hills. On the day of my visit, a varied group showed up hailing from New York, London, Paris and Greece. Our youngest cooking participant, who came with mom and… Read more >

Salisbury Cathedral: A Day on the Salisbury Plain

…On the western facade of Salisbury Cathedral, you will find, in stone, the likeness of Richard Poore. He’s the one clutching a model of the cathedral. Poore oversaw the construction of the new cathedral to replace the one in nearby Old Sarum. Old Sarum was one of England’s earliest settlements, and the decision to move the cathedral to the Salisbury… Read more >

Philly’s Historic Thomas Bond House

…On your next trip to Philadelphia why not stay with one of the famous characters from the city’s early history? Dr. Thomas Bond was good friends with Ben Franklin, his partner in founding the first medical facility in the colonies, in 1751. He trained in Europe, chiefly in Paris, and contributed significantly to the field of medical science in early… Read more >

Amsterdam’s Museum Van Loon

…the great and good citizens of Amsterdam on canvas. The house changed ownership several times until it was purchased in 1884 by the Van Loon family, founders of the Dutch Far East Company. The Van Loons’ descendants still own the house today, and it is their generosity that allows us to climb the steps from the street and enter the… Read more >

A Few of My Favorite Things

…each outfitted with a tea light make for a very special ambience in the dining room and, weather permitting, outdoors. If you happen to be in Vienna in the summer or early fall, ask to sit in the “Schanigarten”, Viennese slang for the outdoor seating area: so nice when the weather is good. Staff are all outfitted in traditional white… Read more >

Getaway to Spain, Via Arizona

…along with the sunshine and warmth, comes wonderful architecture, culture, and don’t forget the food! Much better than just sitting on a beach for a few days. But Europe is a bit of a long haul for a short getaway. And we’ve found that for many of the things we love in Europe, there is a pretty good facsimile somewhere… Read more >

Taking the Train Back in Time

…When the Bearleader was invited to take a day trip on the Belmond British Pullman train to York, we jumped at the chance. We are avid readers of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot stories, and to have the chance to briefly step into their fictional world of early-20th-Century travel glamor was too good to pass up. What better way to… Read more >