Tribeca and its 10 Best

…I followed Erik’s advice and here is what I found. 1 Arcade Bakery It’s early so breakfast seems like a good place to start. Hidden in the entry arcade of a beautiful Art Deco office building at 220 Church Street you find the aptly named Arcade Bakery, opened one year ago by pastry chef Roger Gural. Roger originally started on… Read more >

Eat Vienna

…The names of the dishes may be unfamiliar but the friendly waitstaff is happy to assist with descriptions and suggestions. Gasthaus Woracziczky is a true reflection of Marion and Christopher’s warm charm and kind hospitality. It’s a great place to while away a few hours over good food, wine and conversation. 2 Zum Finsteren Stern Next we visit Zum Finsteren… Read more >

Amsterdam Recommended

…going on, we jumped at the chance. We firmly believe that the character of a place is mostly down to its people, so what better way to convey what’s going on than to talk to locals. With a bit of research and some recommendations from our friends, we arranged a few meet-ups with some movers and shakers to talk to… Read more >

Surprising Nuremberg

…How many of you have Nuremberg on your list of must-visit holiday spots? For me it is way up there on my Christmas holiday list with its world renowned Christmas market and great holiday events. Actually, there is probably no better place to be at Christmas. But I must confess that outside of the holiday season it was not… Read more >

Eat the Catskills

…born. It has become a real meeting place for locals and New York transplants spending their weekends away from the city. In the morning, while enjoying our coffee, a procession of local farmers was coming through, dropping off their fresh produce and lingering for a quick coffee and a chat. We were quickly drawn into the conversation, hearing about the… Read more >

Day Light, Blue Nights

…Trevose Harbour House: If you have never explored Britain’s South West, there is a place on the coast of Cornwall that is a particular favorite of mine. And it is not surprising because this town has been a magnet for more than a century, attracting notable artists and all manner of spirited individuals to experience the unique combination of… Read more >

Good & Proper

…cream cheese. Communal tables and benches are dispersed around the market making for a fun place to mingle and strike up conversations with the locals. Emilie now provides her loose teas beautifully packaged for home brewing. You just need to supply your own timer. It’s a perfect souvenir of modern British culture, looking forwards and backward in equal measure. Take… Read more >

From Sky to Shining Sea

…is built the more recent church of St. Nikolas. And the area was so inaccessible in the past that it occasionally was used as a retreat and hiding place for those defending Crete from invaders. And there’s exercise: the walk is exhilarating and a pretty good challenge, as is swimming in the Libyan Sea. The bus quietly winds through country… Read more >

Eat a City: Seattle

…in a Mason Jar is that it is just as good when you bake it at home as it is in the shop. So don’t forget to take a few with you for later. 3 Salare North of Seattle is the Ravenna district, named after the Italian town of the same name, making this the perfect place for Eduardo… Read more >

Eat a City: Brooklyn

…It used to be that Manhattan was the place to find the “latest thing”, especially in food. Restaurants aplenty could be found to feed its 1.6 million inhabitants, serving any cuisine you could imagine. But as rents went through the roof, experimental restaurants were priced out, so ambitious chefs looked across the East River to open their own restaurants. Traveling… Read more >

A Magical Korean History Tour

…Positioned between Japan to the south and China to the north, throughout Korean history the country has overcome waves of invaders looking to control its resources. These days South Korea’s only invasion is from tourists. And they come for a good reason, as the cultural resources on offer are rich and plentiful. Korean History: An Introduction in 7 places… Read more >

Eat a City: Montréal

place has a unique flavor which is cultivated by growing in situ, from the local dirt, breathing the local air. You hear this term bandied about in reference to wine but it can apply to anything grown or raised. Hearing it mentioned is a good sign that you are in the presence of someone with a fine-tuned sense of flavor… Read more >

Taking Flight in Doddington

…rules dictated what kind of bird you could own according to your station in life. Birds of prey had such importance that they occupied a special place at the table during nightly feasts. With the rise of firearms in the 18th and 19th centuries, falconeering gradually faded from wide use. Only recently has the public become interested again in the… Read more >

Schloss Bernstein

…its history is ripped beyond repair. For those who seek out these rare history-packed places, we have a good one to share with you. Schloss Bernstein is a medieval castle dating back to the 12th century. It’s located in the town of Bernstein in the Burgenland region of Austria bordering Hungary, not too far from Vienna. Actually, Burgenland was part… Read more >

Conquering Chania

…about. Were we mistaken about this place? We quickly changed strategies. It is true that Chania’s harbor is the most picturesque part of town, and probably for this reason uncontrolled development has taken over, making the place a bit of a mess. Realizing we needed help ferreting out the hidden delights of Chania, we sought professional assistance. Dr. Alexandra Ariotti… Read more >

Pavilion of the French Queen

…Through a small passage off the north arcade of the Place des Vosges, sits the “Pavilion of the Queen” (Pavillon De La Reine), a place where you can lodge in the style of aristocrats of old, and walk in their footsteps through its historic arcades. The Place des Vosges is always on our itinerary when visiting Paris. Usually we… Read more >

Walking Wales in the Path of Henry Tudor

…years. But evidence of geology much older than 1485 is visible in the cliffs that tower above the small beach so the place today is not without similarity. Standing on the small patch of sand amongst the rocks, you realize how cramped it must have been for 2,000 people with their gear to disembark and make their way up to… Read more >

Hugo’s of Portland, Maine

…and, with his flair for cuisine, quickly put Portland on the food map. After assuming control of Hugo’s, Andrew, Mike and Arlin put their mark on the place, focusing on locally sourced seasonal ingredients, prepared simply, but in the most interesting and unexpected ways. They soon parlayed their success into a second venture, an adjacent casual eatery called Eventide Oyster… Read more >

Paris on Four Wheels

…waved us through and voila, we were in the heart of Montmartre slowly making our way through the crowded cobblestone streets. After an amazing three hours, Vincent dropped us back at Place des Vosges and we said our goodbyes. What a wonderful time we had. Most importantly, my friend and her mother duplicated our experience just a few weeks later,… Read more >

About the Bearleader

…reading where we have been you can easily chart your own adventures. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel … a lot. Over time, our friends began asking us for tips: a recommendation for a good restaurant in Pembrokshire; a place to stay in Alto Adige; what to do in Omaha; the best museum in London, if… Read more >

African American Museum Takes Its Place in America’s Front Yard

…With much anticipation, we tuned into the long-awaited opening of the Smithsonian’s latest the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). Having not followed the decade-long development process that led to Saturday’s opening, it strikes me as odd that this particular telling of US history had not been given form and place earlier. It’s lateness to the… Read more >

The Good Host

…the hotel flows effortlessly, with its lounge, terraces, pool, and beach access. The beach is public but the Ammos Hotel maintains its own beach chairs and palm umbrellas for guests. With pool and ocean adjacent to each other you can easily satisfy your bathing whims. There is always a perfect place available to lie in the sun. The rooms are… Read more >

Eat a City: Philadelphia

…vast 1.7 acres with 80 vendors representing hundreds of East Coast food producers. The place is constantly buzzing with activity. Walking through the crowded aisles you can survey all the Philadelphia food traditions. Amish, Italian, Indian, Thai, Chinese, whatever your taste you can find it here. 1 Federal Donuts Perfect for early risers, Federal Donuts opens its doors at 7am…. Read more >

A Train to Haarlem

…than our relatively easy trip into town. Their dedication to come and experience Hals first-hand is testament to how ahead of his time Hals was. If he were alive today, we would likely call him a “Lifestyle” painter. In contrast to his contemporary, Rembrandt, who ingeniously devised ways to illuminate his subjects with candlelight, Hals preferred to place his subjects… Read more >

Eat a City: Manhattan

…home cooking. It’s what’s been going on in Sichuan for ages. What’s changed is that diners in the West have become more outward looking. They’re interested in authenticity, in experiencing another place, and food is a great way to take a trip. In both environment and cuisine Cafe China will transport you. 2 Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream Nicholas Morgenstern, a… Read more >

Pigging Out—Oink Oink

…in the town center and walked up the eerily quiet Yonder Street looking for Robin. It was not entirely clear that we were on the right path until we stumbled across a sow-themed shop window, complete with faux knives, metaphorically at the ready, to dispatch delicious pork parts to hungry diners everywhere. Ah, this must be the place. The Rusty… Read more >

Advice for Couples who Travel (Part 2)

…take a “tour” of parts of each other’s life that you might not know so well. Grand tour questions are a great way to begin such explorations. Consider the following options. The hometown grand tour. Imagine you’ve just spent the afternoon in the Zócalo in Oaxaca – a tree-lined plaza and central gathering place, surrounded by restaurants, markets, and a… Read more >

Eat a City: Santa Cruz

…to head back to their hometown and open a place of their own. Finding available an old industrial building with soaring ceilings and loads of windows, Ben and Sarah put down stakes and opened shop. With modern Santa Cruz famously built on the 19th-century logging of local redwoods, Ben and Sarah paid homage to local history by making walls of… Read more >

Eat Amsterdam

…earlier educational use. A cozy place with great food, a perfect place for a leisurely dinner with good friends. 4 Holtkamp A staple on the Amsterdam food scene since the 1960s, this small wood-paneled patisserie shop is legendary. Speak to anyone that spent any length of time living in Amsterdam and they will regale you with fond memories of Holtkamp… Read more >

M. Wells — Art for Eating

…rents ever on the rise in Manhattan, LIC has seen an uptick in interest in recent years from those looking for a reasonable place to live and work within hitting distance to Manhattan. As a result the area is undergoing rapid change, which is a good thing because now more than ever, there is amazing food to be had and… Read more >

Tally Ho!

…I exclaimed (not really). Putting two and two together I headed over to the sign where I met Jack Harris, owner of Tally Ho bike tours, and booked an excursion for the Bearleader. Historian Tom Weir was our tour guide. A young, enthusiastic student of history, Tom’s area of interest is sports. The meeting place for Tally Ho bike tours… Read more >

Post Socialism in a Blue Skoda

…victories, SNP Square is the place. But the last sporting victory was the ice hockey championship in 2002 so these days it is usually pretty low key. While we waited, we wandered around the grouping of looming-dark statues at the center of the square which symbolize the people of the uprising. But soon we caught sight of the bright blue… Read more >

Eat Jeonju Food Tour

…to the best restaurants, places you would never find on your own, revealing the cuisine, customs, and practices that make Korean food so unique. We chose their Jeonju tour. Jeonju is just two hours south of Seoul and easily reachable via high-speed train. It’s the perfect short getaway from Seoul to gain a better perspective on the country. We wanted… Read more >

Cocktail Tales Chin Chin!

…It’s Tony’s latest venture and a good theme choice for a neighborhood with deep Italian roots. We sit down to chat on one of Bar Termini’s mint green banquets. With the marble bar, exposed brick walls and suitcases stacked on train car luggage racks, the place has the classic feel of an old train station bar, buzzing with people up… Read more >

Finding Japan in Seattle

…the Great Depression, two world wars and internment camps. Today’s Maneki is just around the corner from its original location next to the Nippon Kan Theatre. It was constructed in the style resembling Japan’s Himeji Castle or the “White Heron Castle”. In its original location it was a hub for the Japanese community and the go-to place for weddings, funerals,… Read more >

Eat Munich

…to dine. We will be picking options in different price ranges, styles of food and places that are good to visit at different times of the day. All our suggestions will serve fresh, local and mostly organic food. And of course any place we suggest will be a fun outing. First up, Eating Munich. If you are like me, images… Read more >

Toasted, with a Pat of Butter

place (sit here if you want to eat immersed in the kitchen action), and one in an adjacent room. In the adjacent room are also three large stainless steel tanks, purposely built to hold wine (in quantity) that Toasted has sourced from a small artisanal producer. The quality is good, and buying in quantity makes the cost quite reasonable. Coincidentally,… Read more >

Eat, Chat, Love at Eschi Fiege’s Vegetarian Mittagstisch

…definitely refreshed by my Vienna vegetarian Mittagstisch and ready for whatever is in store. The tag line for Eschi’s book is “Sie kocht als wuerde sie uns lieben”. A rough translation of that is, “She cooks with love”. That’s a good place to end. Details If you’re in Vienna you can experience Mittagstisch for yourself. For times, gatherings and information,… Read more >

Eat a City: Ojai, California

…room for a yummy homemade pie. HiHo is a great place to get your burger fix. 3 Knead Baking Co. The perfect bakery and lunch spot, this family run joint should feature prominently on your list of things to do in Ojai. An architect by training, baker Bobbi Corbin and her children, Rachel, Leah and Jake, made Ojai their home… Read more >

Innovative America on Display in Philadelphia

…proposition, agreed, and the result was Rodin’s sculpture, “The Athlete”. Back in Philadelphia a few years later at a social gathering, White met the wealthy movie theater magnate and philanthropist, Jules Mastbaum. Mastbaum mentioned to White that he was in the process of looking for sculptures to place in the foyers of his movie theaters across the country. Fresh off… Read more >

Relive the History of Myanmar’s Colonial Capital at the Strand

…there’s no better place to relive Yangon’s fragile history than at the mainstay of Yangon accommodation for over 100 years, The Strand. With its recent refresh, it will no doubt serve the good and great visitors to Yangon for at least 100 more. Details To find out more and to make a booking, go to; Photography and story by… Read more >

A Passage on the Cutty Sark

…was launched. In that very same paper it is also announced that celebrations had just taken place to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal. Ironically, the fastest clipper in the world launched on the same day clipper ships, in general, became obsolete because, with the new shipping route through the Suez Canal to China, Steamships not clippers could make… Read more >

Hauser & Wirth — Art Farm

…and far. I planned my trip on a Tuesday thinking I would have the run of the place. No such luck. Even on a cold and grey winter’s day the galleries were bustling and the dining room was fully booked. On weekends there are many more visitors. From the start Hauser & Wirth placed a strong emphasis of reaching out… Read more >

Climbing a Wall in Ojai

…notable as a place free climbers could practice their skills. Back then, Converse sneakers were the footwear of choice, as most of today’s specialty equipment was yet to be invented. Looking at the climbing shoes Alex has outfitted us with, with all their high tech materials, I tried to imagine facing this climb with nothing but a pair of Converse… Read more >

Ripping the Eisbach

…and totally unique sport. < More fascinating vacation destinations await. Let’s go. Details For the best vantage point to watch the surfing check out the map below. Feeling peckish stop by the nearby Fraeulein Grueneis. It’s a great place for a meal, a snack or a drink. For More information, go to; Photography and story by Daniela Stallinger… Read more >

Making Clay

…Nestled in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle is Laguna Pottery, the storefront of Michael Lindsey’s ceramic collection. A mecca for collectors, enthusiasts and amateurs alike, Michael’s is a great place to find unique objects to treasure or to give to a very special someone. Part museum, part shop, all curated with Michael’s extensive knowledge of American ceramics, this… Read more >

Welcome to Jasmine Chang, Bearleader’s new Market Editor

…innovative strategies across multiple editorial and retail brands. Says Jasmine; “I love to juxtapose luxury brands and their place in society with more affordable brands and their mass appeal. I work better when the two worlds come together. That to me is the true meaning of style.” As an enthusiastic traveler, always on the lookout for inspiration and adventure at… Read more >

Heigh Ho, Heigh Hoh

…The farthest reaches of a place always have a wild quality. Explorers seem to seek out places that, once reached, naturally mark the end of a journey. It’s as if explorers have trouble setting their own limits so natural barriers form a convenient stopping point. This trip is to one of these places. Put your finger on the point… Read more >

River Cottage To Table

…us as their mothers were apprehensive. It is a great feeling when everybody and everything works towards a common purpose. And this is how the evolving story of River Cottage is being written every day by the people working on the land, in the kitchen and those plotting a future for this amazing place. They say it is best to… Read more >

Country Retreat for the Urban Weary

…contributing a whopping 115 billion Pounds to the British economy. Their popularity in Britain is well deserved. After all, the B&B was invented here as an inexpensive place for Roman officials traveling to their conquered land to spend the night. And the concept soon spread, with the pension tradition in France, the Fremdenheim in Germany and the Minshuku in Japan…. Read more >

Hotel Sorrento

…Italian countryside, is worth a visit even if you are not staying at the hotel. For guests and neighborhood visitors alike it’s a great place to hang out, meet friends, or take in one of Sorrento’s events, which range from Jazz Combos to up-and-coming young singers. The events are free, so what are you waiting for! Drawing on Sorrento’s more… Read more >

Farm to Table at De Kas

…dramatically altered. Why not integrate these two types of business to create better products and a more efficient flow of activity between the two? With this general concept in mind things gradually began to fall into place. As luck would have it, the old municipal greenhouses in Frankendaal Park that had lain unused for years were made available for development…. Read more >

Eat London

…table and your plate is brought to you. You will most likely be addressed as “love”, an endearing and fast disappearing term more often heard on English TV shows like Coronation Street and the East Enders than in any real place. Serving a diverse crowd, the Regency caters to a wide cross section of London’s inhabitants: Builders, pensioners, students, fashion… Read more >

Morning Surf—Afternoon Tea

…along for a tour of the studio of the late artist, Sandra Blow. Each Thursday her studio is opened to the public (by appointment and for a small fee to keep the estate maintained) by trustees Jon Grimble and his partner Artist Denny Long. Everything is just as she left it. Various materials and art supplies lie in place, her… Read more >

Jack’s Wife Freda

…Since opening in 2012, it’s been one of my favorite places to hang out; one of those little gems that was popular from the start. But unlike many new restaurants in New York, this place got it right at the beginning, and now is thriving with a loyal following. Visiting this time as a journalist rather than as a customer,… Read more >

Paintings as Big as Hills

…with no signs or anywhere to park, we kept driving. A bit further on we spotted some very “national park” looking buildings and a parking lot. “That must be it”. And soon we saw a small sign confirming that this was the place. Taking a left we entered the park orientation area, which is basically a restroom, and the only… Read more >

Norton and Sons

…well made, good fitting clothes stood out amongst his sometime less kempt class mates. And in the context of Norton and Sons, his natural curiosity about quality, tradition, fit and style was critical in setting the direction for Norton and Sons’ third century. For the perfect bespoke suit, go to Savile Row in London. For the best tailors on Savile… Read more >

Walking with Seven Sisters

good proportion of people walking the park are from Japan and Korea. So much so that the information provided in the visitors center is available exclusively in English and Japanese. I recommend bringing a picnic lunch. There are many lovely spots along the way with unbeatable views that will make for a memorable meal. At each end of the walk,… Read more >

Twin Farms Vermont

…Prize winner Sinclair Lewis, and his equally famous second wife, author Dorothy Thompson. The story goes that Dorothy conditioned acceptance of Sinclair’s proposal on his providing them with a farm in Vermont. Sinclair was all too happy to oblige and sealed the deal with the purchase of an 18th century farmhouse, now called Twin Farms. This is the place they… Read more >

Hotel V Nesplein

…comfortable colors and textures, along with some very smart details to temporarily accommodate your belongings. In our room we liked the worn leather chairs, bright yellow walls and especially the spacious bathroom, a rarity in many “boutique” hotels these days. For a quick euro-city getaway to Amsterdam, Hotel V Nesplein is just the place to organize your itinerary around. And… Read more >

The Scheer Economy

…owner’s name attached their mould, it’s a veritable who’s who of Austrian history. An arrangement of original Thonet chairs occupies the center of the room, providing the place where customers have always been received for their appointments. A stairway leads up to the first floor into a private reception room where Markus takes clients through the process of determining their… Read more >

A Quick Dip in Zaha Hadid’s Swimming Pool

…in the hat then.” She wished me “good day” and was off, her own hat pinned perfectly in place. Zaha Hadid Remembered at Her East London Swimming Pool The facility contains three swimming pools. The competition pool is the largest at 50 meters long, the equivalent of four London double decker buses, and 3 meters deep. The training pool is also… Read more >

Tracing the Secret Tyburn River

…stop for snacks and drinks in the farmers market just outside the park. On Marylebone Lane, just before you get to a fork in the road and the river divides, visit the fabulous VV. Rouleaux Trimming place. Continue across Wigmore Street. On the south side of the street you will walk by Work Shop Coffee. They take coffee seriously here… Read more >

Time-honored, Locally Sourced

…Horehound infused bourbon with Cheery Heering liqueur and orange. It puts some steel in your spine. As we sample drinks and culinary delights, the Pooles describe to me their heartfelt belief that people yearn to reconnect with things made by people they know in their local community. And they want a place to have real conversations without music so loud… Read more >

Hanok Hotel Hagindang

…for more Jeonju adventures. Details A few important details for your trip to Jeonju: Hagindang Hanok is a very popular place to stay so we suggest you book well in advance. It is also not so inexpensive so make this your splurge accommodation. It is a great experience for travelers interested in immersing themselves in the culture, and you will… Read more >

Ham House

…will you find a place so complete in its architecture and all the bits and pieces that fill a space when it is lived in, right down to the key that has locked the door every night since 1610. Details For details on how to visit Ham House in Richmond, go to; Photography and story by Daniela Stallinger… Read more >

Battle Armor at the Graz Zeughaus

…This is not just a museum. This is a place unchanged, a time capsule that can transport you back 100, 200, 300, almost 400 years. Walking on these floors, you are mere millimeters from the actual surface that men trod, who went to battle girded in medieval battle armor for honor, profit, or because they had no choice. The… Read more >

River of Glass

…is an energy intensive craft, and with power costs on the rise in Ireland, combined with a limited local customer base, Simon soon realized he would not be able to make a go of it in his home country. He decided to take his business west, to the US. Searching for just the right place for his new studio Simon… Read more >

Visiting Old Masters in Dulwich

…on the back of a bicycle, and discovered under a park bench in a graveyard in nearby Streatham. And today it is safely in place, luckily, none the worse for the wear. The gallery also looks clearly towards the future, with one part of the building dedicated to changing exhibitions and a variety art appreciation programs for all age groups… Read more >

Artist Residence

…has long been the place of small tattered hotels and B&B’s for a pretty penny. Well those days are over, there is a new kid in town. Artists Residence is a lovely and inspiring place to stay, produced and run by lovely people with a passion for their customers’ comfort. What’s not to like? < More fascinating vacation destinations await…. Read more >

Dennis Severs’ House

…Hugo Cabret and Wonderstruck, was so taken in by his visit to the Dennis Severs House that he made it a character in his new book, “The Marvels”. We got an advanced copy at our office in New York and were thrilled to read Selznick’s tale woven around such an intriguing place. Being advocates of experience-based travel, it is great… Read more >

A Day on the
Salisbury Plain

…Salisbury plain proved fatal for the town. As a new settlement grew up around Salisbury Cathedral’s construction site, the stones of Old Sarum were absconded one by one and absorbed into the new town, leaving Old Sarum absolutely bare. Salisbury Cathedral Whether by good governance or luck, Richard Poore’s oversight of Salisbury’s construction went surprisingly well. The multi-generational construction schedule… Read more >

A Few of My Favorite Things

…bags each outfitted with a tea light make for a very special ambience in the dining room and, weather permitting, outdoors. If you happen to be in Vienna in the summer or early fall, ask to sit in the “Schanigarten”, Viennese slang for the outdoor seating area: so nice when the weather is good. Staff are all outfitted in traditional… Read more >

Philly’s Historic Thomas Bond House

…On your next trip to Philadelphia why not stay with one of the famous characters from the city’s early history? Dr. Thomas Bond was good friends with Ben Franklin, his partner in founding the first medical facility in the colonies, in 1751. He trained in Europe, chiefly in Paris, and contributed significantly to the field of medical science in… Read more >

Amsterdam’s Museum Van Loon

…rendering the great and good citizens of Amsterdam on canvas. The house changed ownership several times until it was purchased in 1884 by the Van Loon family, founders of the Dutch Far East Company. The Van Loons’ descendants still own the house today, and it is their generosity that allows us to climb the steps from the street and enter… Read more >

Taking the Train Back in Time

…When the Bearleader was invited to take a day trip on the Belmond British Pullman train to York, we jumped at the chance. We are avid readers of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot stories, and to have the chance to briefly step into their fictional world of early-20th-Century travel glamor was too good to pass up. What better way… Read more >

High Altitude Greek Cooking

…delicate shapes. This resulted in a rustic “shortbread” cookie, just as good as the original, but with no sugar or butter. The difficulty in accessing Milia Crete is in fact by design. In the past, the route to Milia would have been invisible to anyone not belonging there. As is usually the case when a group of strangers are thrust… Read more >

Corine’s Menagerie

…what better place than Paris to track down great and inspiring artists. Today I am heading to the 15th Arrondissement to meet artist Corine Perier at her studio and home. I came across Corine’s work online and loved seeing her regular updates. So I contacted her and arranged a studio visit. She suggested we meet at a small corner cafe… Read more >

Habsburg Gold

…Not widely known, the Kunsthistorisches Museum and its Kunstkammer are truly an exhibit for the 21st century. The collection is curated in a wonderfully diverse and educational manner. Old technology is on display but it is perfectly supported with the best modern technology to facilitate the experience for visitors. It’s a wonderful place to see the long lost past brought… Read more >

The New French Roast

…and is accessorized with live lush coffee plants; a reminder that your daily fix of caffeine comes from a little fruit tree far away. If you are hungry Coutume offers a small, fresh breakfast and lunch menu, and on Sundays brunch is served. The place is usually occupied by locals chatting, working on their computers or having meetings. It’s a… Read more >