Walking Wales in the Path of Henry Tudor

…You may have noticed, Bearleader likes a good hike. There is nothing like a day of fresh air, stunning scenery, a good story, and some simple fare. You can get by with any two of these and have a perfectly enjoyable day. Can you have it all? It’s not easy, but you can find it. This story is about… Read more >

From Sky to Shining Sea

…that sleepily stumbled from place to place as she was gently prodded by a sweeper preparing the station for the day’s coming crowds. I have visited Crete several times and completing the Samaria Gorge hike has always been on my list to things to do. This time though the Samaria Gorge, it was September. Why is that important? Well, September… Read more >

The First American Surfers

…to find who carries on the tradition of surfing started by those three Hawaiian Princes. Here are our picks for the three best candidates for Santa Cruz surf royalty today. 1 Sawyer Land & Sea Supply Avid outdoorswoman, Stacy Forrester, likes to fish and hike, loves to work with wood, and, of course, surfs. After spending many years representing a… Read more >