Amsterdam Recommended

…on Utrechtsestraat, a great little place where locals hang out, meet friends and colleagues and sip coffee while tapping away on their computers. The pastries on offer are lovely and they serve a great cup of coffee. At the time we arranged to meet it was raining, and in true Amsterdamer rain-or-shine fashion, Saskia and Martijn arrived on their bikes…. Read more >

Finding Japan in Seattle

…of the old variety store by utilizing its vintage fixtures, including 1930s glass cases unearthed from the Higo storeroom. Uncovered treasures include classic tin toys, an electric train set, and antique cash registers, which are displayed in the refurbished space. A museum wall display, and the “Meet Me at Higo” installation, created by the Wing Luke Museum, are also featured… Read more >

Farm to Mesa

…healthy eating and green living practices in the town of Gilbert and the surrounding areas. In addition to providing fresh local produce, the Gilbert Farmers Market educates the public about local food by providing them an opportunity to personally meet with farmers and other local vendors to learn where their food comes from and how it’s grown and produced. It… Read more >

Norton and Sons

…patrons. And as the world modernized, placing a variety of new functional requirements and constraints on clothing, Norton and Sons has been legendary in coming up with sartorial innovations to meet the evolving needs of its customers. So it is no surprise that George Herbert in the 1920s would have sought out Norton and Sons to manufacture his “high performance”… Read more >

Eat a City: Santa Cruz

…Following in the footsteps of Don Caspar, the Spanish explorer who, in 1769, came upon the area now known as the City of Santa Cruz, we set out to discover the modern beach-side town long known for its liberal leanings, stellar universities, organic agriculture, and social activism. Of the few locals we had the opportunity to meet on our visit… Read more >

The First American Surfers

…and super stylish. Curating her collection from a range of land and sea apparel companies, Stacy’s eye for style makes the combination on the rack seem like it’s her own fashion collection. While we are browsing, a steady stream of loyal customers (many have become friends) comes and goes. Sawyer Land & Sea Supply has become a community meeting spot:… Read more >

The Scheer Economy

…being a maker of things has become a desirable career path. Many young people are leaving corporate jobs or taking apprenticeships after college and becoming carpenters, bakers, goldsmiths, restorers, et cetera, to meet the growing demand for hand-crafted goods. On the other hand, we are lucky that a few old-world businesses withstood the barrage of mechanization long enough for a… Read more >

Eat London

…a few blocks into the London neighborhood of Marylebone. Arriving at the restaurant Carousel we meet the young cousins of the Templeton family who are well on their way to establishing themselves as food innovators on the London food scene. Olli, Anna, Will, and Ed tell me they caught the family business bug early following the example of their two… Read more >

Corine’s Menagerie

…better place than Paris to track down great and inspiring artists. Today I am heading to the 15th Arrondissement to meet artist Corine Perier at her studio and home. I came across Corine’s work online and loved seeing her regular updates. So I contacted her and arranged a studio visit. She suggested we meet at a small corner cafe close… Read more >

Taking the Train Back in Time

…experience first hand what it would like to go along for the ride in an Agatha Christie novel? Early in the morning we made our way to Victoria Station, platform No.10 to meet our train. After checking in you are directed to one of eleven coaches, each identified with a sign showing its original name; Audrey, Cygnus, Gwen, Ibis, Ilone,… Read more >

Eat Amsterdam

…to get out and educate ourselves on the current food happenings in Amsterdam. 1 Wilde Zwijne Hopping on a streetcar towards the Oost district of Amsterdam, we are headed for the restaurant “Wilde Zwijne” or Wild Boar. Restaurant owner Julia Bachrach meets us at the door and introduces us to her partners, Faysel van Thiel, and Frenk van Dinther, who… Read more >

Tracing the Secret Tyburn River

…I contacted Andrew to see if we could meet and talk about his perspective on this old, old city, and to help me track down one of London’s lost waterways, the Tyburn River. Andrew is part of an informal group of history buffs and walking aficionados that meet regularly to explore the city. An Oxford-educated historian, Andrew lives in Barnes,… Read more >

Dennis Severs’ House

…18 Folgate Street to meet the Jervises, our host David Milne had already woken up the house in preparation for our visit. A fire was crackling in the kitchen, candles lit, and even though it was a sunny day outside the house was blanketed in a kind of twilight haze. Shutters were partially opened for the light, but not too… Read more >

Eat the Catskills

…It has become a real meeting place for locals and New York transplants spending their weekends away from the city. In the morning, while enjoying our coffee, a procession of local farmers was coming through, dropping off their fresh produce and lingering for a quick coffee and a chat. We were quickly drawn into the conversation, hearing about the season,… Read more >

From Sky to Shining Sea

…word to describe this scene. Upon arriving at Chora Sfakion there is one last bit of chaos when all the ferry passengers climb a few steps to meet the waiting busses. In the confusion it seems like this can not possibly work out … but it does. Details Here are a few tips to make your Samaria Gorge experience a… Read more >

Eat Vienna

…way you won’t be disappointed, as I have been more than once. 3 Labstelle For restaurant number three we head over towards St. Stephens Cathedral. Just a stone’s throw away from the cathedral is Lugeck Square, a medieval plaza that was traditionally designated the emergency meeting place in times of war. Now it’s the home of the restaurant, Labstelle. Labstelle… Read more >

Dr. Sands on Robert & James Adam

…As I prepared to head over to the meet Dr. Frances Sands at the Soane Museum to see their collection of James and Robert Adam documents, an armed robbery was in progress somewhere nearby. With police in pursuit, the getaway car sped past Soane Museum on the north side of Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Trying to dispose of evidence, the thieves… Read more >

Amber Butchart’s Fashionable Old London

…was a true London inspiration. To dig a bit deeper into London’s relationship with fashion we arranged to meet Amber Butchart, a born-and-raised Londoner, and herself fabulously fashionable. Amber is a rising star on BBC’s presenter roster, a fashion historian, and a wealth of knowledge on textiles and all things related to the art of fashion. She currently shares her… Read more >

A Bird Alights in LA’s
Century City

…my appointment with Brandon, but I’m eager to meet him and experience his unique take on California cuisine with an Asian tinge. Century City Restaurants: Hinoki & the Bird The name is intriguing. Is it a fable or does it allude to more structural elements of the place or cuisine? Taken literally, a “Hinoki” is a tall, slow-growing tree, similar… Read more >

A Lazy Cruise Down the Shifting Irrawaddy

…56 passengers between Mandalay and Bagan along the mystical waterways of the Ayeyarwady River. With itineraries of three or four nights, the cruise offers all the features passengers would expect from the Strand, from flawless service and gourmet cuisine to comfortable accommodation and daily excursions along the way. The cruise continues the Strand’s tradition of serving as a meeting place… Read more >

Relive the History of Myanmar’s Colonial Capital at the Strand

…and how to grow it, to meet the restaurant’s needs throughout the year. His efforts have paid off–the menu at The Strand Hotel is excellent. Next morning, on the recommendation of several locals, we try “Mohinga”. Many consider it the national dish of Myanmar. The main ingredients are chickpea flour, crushed rice, garlic, onions, lemongrass, banana tree stem, fish paste… Read more >

Battle Armor at the Graz Zeughaus

…to meet the challenge of an approaching foe. So convincing is the feeling that it would come as no surprise to turn a corner and find yourself caught up in preparations for war, donning your suit of battle armor. Each floor is meticulously organized by rank from low to high. The bottom floors contain less refined and more sparse battle… Read more >

Day Light, Blue Nights

…visit a new place caught my eye. It looked promising and I made note of it for next time, the Trevose Harbour House. On arrival Owners Angela and Olivier were at the door to meet us. Crossing the threshold we immediately felt at home. It was a rainy afternoon and the little lobby containing a cozy living room, small breakfast… Read more >

Conquering Chania

…great products, he invited us to come by his restaurant, Tamam, to meet his partner. Tamam is quite well known for its authentic regional cuisine. And like his shop, at Tamam, Konstantinos’ mission is to support local producers. Located one street behind the harbor but still in the hub of the old town, Tamam has been in operation since the… Read more >

Foraging for Food

…would be made more blue than the bay of Naples, though shallower.” Reading Thomas’ words now transports me to my recent trip to the very spot where those words were recorded, and my first hearing of the term “laver-bread” (pronounced LAW-ver). I was on my way to a small patch of Welsh coast known as Fresh Water West, to meetRead more >

Huddled Masses

…tour guides, or “educators,” as they are called, that bring immigrant stories to life. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually ask an early immigrant what it was like? Well, if you are lucky you might meet one in the Tenement Museum. On most weekends Victoria Confino, a 19th century teenage immigrant from Greece, can be found inhabiting the… Read more >

Morning Surf—Afternoon Tea

…lunch I met up with Australian Chef Michael Smith, owner of Porthminster Beach Cafe. I had read about him and have his cook book, so I was eager to meet him. The restaurant is on the second floor of a white Art Deco building lovingly restored to house the restaurant. I’m told that in summer the place is buzzing. Now,… Read more >

Schloss Bernstein

…Andrea refers to herself as restorer, gardener, cook, antique dealer, and, most importantly, the current custodian of the place. Erasmus returned home from Vienna after completing a degree in physics to help with the family business, and will eventually take over responsibility for the place. Unfortunately, we did not get to meet Andrea’s husband Alexander, who in true Almasy tradition,… Read more >

Farm to Table at De Kas

meet some of the team members at De Kas, and on our first morning in Amsterdam we set out to Frankendaal Park in the East of Amsterdam to have a look. Gerd Jan started out at Vermeer, a well-known restaurant in Amsterdam, eventually winning them a Michelin star. While Gerd Jan excelled in his approach to cuisine, the stressful environment… Read more >

Hugo’s of Portland, Maine

…When I drove up to Maine during a winter blizzard back in January, it was a far cry from today’s balmy weather in London, where I sit tapping out my recollections of my visit to Hugo’s Portland Maine. At the conclusion of a harrowing drive, I arranged to meet with partners Andrew Taylor, Mike Wiley and Arlin Smith, who took… Read more >

for Smart Summer Travel

…traveling is not in the cards for you this summer, at least you can have your own exotic tour from the comfort of your back garden with Dr. Green’s book. To meet Dr. Green in the flesh, add one of his walking tours to your to-do list on your next London visit. Shop > 7 Circle Bag Baggu, the San… Read more >

Hotel Sorrento

…countryside, is worth a visit even if you are not staying at the hotel. For guests and neighborhood visitors alike it’s a great place to hang out, meet friends, or take in one of Sorrento’s events, which range from Jazz Combos to up-and-coming young singers. The events are free, so what are you waiting for! Drawing on Sorrento’s more recent… Read more >

Palm Springs

…is a lovely place to meet with friends and enjoy one of Mr. Lyons signature cocktails. 4 Bootlegger Tiki Coinciding with Palm Spring’s midcentury period of major growth was the 1959 addition of America’s 50th state, Hawaii. With this exotic addition to the other 49, came a national fascination with all things Polynesian. One of the more famous midcentury… Read more >

Artist Residence

…get between an Englishman and his pint. I guess the Americans were not as committed to their refreshments, allowing Prohibition to continue for 13 years. While roaming the AR’s gallery-like corridors we meet owner Charlie and barkeep Max Curzon-Price, designer of the bar’s interesting mix of cocktails. Chatting with Charlie and her all-under-30 crew, you are taken in with their… Read more >