Innovative America on Display in Philadelphia

…Franklin do” in such-and-such situation? At least we did. So applying this strategy to our museum schedule, considering his love of science, art, and innovation, we picked an itinerary we thought Ben would have appreciated. One of them he might even have visited personally! 1 Rodin Museum The story of how Philadelphia’s Rodin museum came about is as interesting and… Read more >

A Train to Haarlem

…historical overview, we are ready to launch out on our own. Captain Blankendaal drops us off on the Raamvest Canal just next to the Frans Hals Museum for our next stop. Back in the day, Monet, Courbet and Manet reportedly made pilgrimages to Haarlem just to visit the Frans Hals Museum. I am sure their journey was much more treacherous… Read more >

African American Museum Takes Its Place in America’s Front Yard

…With much anticipation, we tuned into the long-awaited opening of the Smithsonian’s latest the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). Having not followed the decade-long development process that led to Saturday’s opening, it strikes me as odd that this particular telling of US history had not been given form and place earlier. It’s lateness to the… Read more >

Finding Japan in Seattle

…flavor of the old variety store by utilizing its vintage fixtures, including 1930s glass cases unearthed from the Higo storeroom. Uncovered treasures include classic tin toys, an electric train set, and antique cash registers, which are displayed in the refurbished space. A museum wall display, and the “Meet Me at Higo” installation, created by the Wing Luke Museum, are also… Read more >

Huddled Masses

…Having just arrived back in New York from Europe, it occurred to me that this was the perfect time to stop by a Lower East Side gem, and one of my favorite New York excursions, The Tenement Museum. Founded in 1988 by Historian and Social Activist Ruth Abram, the museum is dedicated to keeping alive the story of immigration… Read more >

Habsburg Gold

…I had made arrangements to photograph the Habsburg Royal Collection exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. So I arrived at the staff entrance at the appointed time. After being checked in by security, Nina, the PR liaison ushered me into a maze of busy back corridors and stairways. We paused at a set of enormous double doors. Nina… Read more >

A Magical Korean History Tour

…is a great local tradition that helps to bring Korean history to life. And one that makes this an essential stop on your tour. 2 National Folk Museum Just inside the Gyeongbokgung Palace grounds is the Korean National Folk Museum. This is one of my favorite museums in Korea because it does such a great job of teaching visitors all… Read more >

Amsterdam’s Museum Van Loon

…in the 17th century and has been carefully restored to its 19th century state. It’s the Museum Van Loon, located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Canal District. A magnificent residence built in 1672 by the architect Adriaen Dortsman, the Van Loon House was originally the home of painter Ferdinand Bol, a pupil of Rembrandt, who gained prominence and financial success… Read more >

Dr. Sands on Robert & James Adam

…As I prepared to head over to the meet Dr. Frances Sands at the Soane Museum to see their collection of James and Robert Adam documents, an armed robbery was in progress somewhere nearby. With police in pursuit, the getaway car sped past Soane Museum on the north side of Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Trying to dispose of evidence, the… Read more >

Tribeca and its 10 Best

…ladies at a table across the arcade. They were visiting from Palm Springs and had read about the Arcade Bakery in a magazine. Both were self-proclaimed babka experts and verified that Roger’s is the best. And, for authentic French baguettes and the best croissants in town, this is the place. 2 The Poster Museum Navigating Tribeca is quite easy, as… Read more >

Amber Butchart’s Fashionable Old London

…companies. Designer Alexa Chung and singer-songwriters Paloma Faith and Kate Nash are just a few of the many regulars that can be found combing the racks at Beyond Retro. Join them to assemble your own look curated from the backs of Briton’s closets and its attics. Fan Museum Over to Greenwich, we visit a beautiful Grade II listed building dating… Read more >

Shaker Village at Enfield

…in the Museum The most frequented of the Shaker sites are those that were fortunate to have a long and uninterrupted occupancy. As the population declined the most in-tact villages were frozen in time and preserved for all to come and learn about this curious American religious phenomenon. Other communities that declined well before a popular interest was to develop… Read more >

M. Wells — Art for Eating

…real treat and it’s just a few blocks away. The Isamu Noguchi museum is a quiet, intimate and reflective museum that rarely gets overcrowded. Noguchi designed the museum himself as an open air sculpture garden ensconced within a building that houses ten galleries. A bit further down the road is the Socrates Sculpture Park. This is a recently built outdoor… Read more >

Surprising Nuremberg

…the courtyard the scene changes from medieval to futuristic. Nuremberg’s New Museum opened in 2000, designed by Berlin Architect Volker Staab. It is nestled in-between older buildings and its striking modernism makes it eye-catching by contrast. In its 33,000 square feet of space it houses contemporary art, sculpture, video and design. The side of the museum opens to a courtyard… Read more >

Battle Armor at the Graz Zeughaus

…This is not just a museum. This is a place unchanged, a time capsule that can transport you back 100, 200, 300, almost 400 years. Walking on these floors, you are mere millimeters from the actual surface that men trod, who went to battle girded in medieval battle armor for honor, profit, or because they had no choice. The… Read more >

Conquering Chania

…our own. We set out to explore some more. Here are some of the places we found that are worth checking out. The Archeological Museum of Chania The museum is housed in the former Venetian monastery of Saint Francis, a truly wonderful place to explore. The old worn walls in pinkish colors and the 1950’s-era museum cases make for an… Read more >

Visiting Old Masters in Dulwich

…in the world. So if you have enjoyed a recent visit to your local public or private art museum, the original idea that made your visit possible can be found in the leafy Dulwich, London. The story of the gallery started in the 17th-century. Theatre actor turned 17th century producer, Edward Alleyn, ran two successful theaters, the Rose and the… Read more >

Making Clay

…Nestled in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle is Laguna Pottery, the storefront of Michael Lindsey’s ceramic collection. A mecca for collectors, enthusiasts and amateurs alike, Michael’s is a great place to find unique objects to treasure or to give to a very special someone. Part museum, part shop, all curated with Michael’s extensive knowledge of American ceramics, this… Read more >

Amsterdam Recommended

…Artis Zoo, are important fixtures in Amsterdam life today. Michelle is the expert so I will let her fill you in on the restaurant’s particulars. Here is her review. After a quick lunch we dropped in at the Micropsia Museum, also in the Artis building, and one of the newest museums in Amsterdam. It is the world’s first museum dedicated… Read more >

Eat a City: Philadelphia

…a city of American firsts: first bank, first library, first museum, first theater, first university, first correctional facility. So, of course, it is not surprising that you can find one of America’s oldest and longest running farmers’ markets. … fresh poultry, meat, dairy, and vegetables from the rich farmlands of Pennsylvania. All these ingredients make their way each day into… Read more >

A Passage on the Cutty Sark

…Cutty Sark eventually showed up in Cornwall, was fully restored to its former glory and in 1954 made its way to Greenwich to become a museum ship and part of the National Historic fleet. The Cutty Sark comes home. With its grade one listed monument status and on the building-at-risk register, the Cutty Sark became an instant visitor success. That… Read more >

Palm Springs

…6 The Palm Springs Air Museum This was one of the real standout finds from our visit. Situated right next to the city’s Airport, the museum is divided into three hangars. Two are themed, one focusing on the European theater, the other on the Pacific. Most of the planes on display are kept flight-ready and the volunteers on hand to… Read more >

The Murals of New York City

…of the Sermon on the Mount had Jesus turning his back to the viewer looking a little more like Darth Vader than his original depiction of Christ. The murals in the grand entrance of the American Museum of Natural History known as the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda are there in all their restored glory to be seen afresh since their completion… Read more >

The Dream Inn

…bikes. These are perfect for a quick trip east along the board walk or over to the West-Side beaches to watch the waves and surfers. If you are heading west, check out the Surf Museum just under a mile from the hotel. Did you know that surfing in the Americas started in Santa Cruz? Yes, it all began around 1855… Read more >

Sailing in the Cyclades Islands

…that soon things would calm down and we would get our sea-legs. And indeed, after that afternoon, we felt perfectly comfortable on board. In Naxos Town, we visited the Venetian Museum and the Folk Art Museum, explored the alleyways and shops, and had dinner in a tavern by the marina. The next morning, Antonis took us to a bakery where… Read more >

The New French Roast

…are drinking is a kind of fruit juice. This kind of coffee tasting is an eye-opening experience. Fascinating and delicious. I highly recommend you give it a try. Coutume is located in the 7th Arrondissement close to the Rodin Museum and Bon Marche. So it’s a perfect side trip for your next Paris adventure. Now we are off to see… Read more >

The Scheer Economy

…sole. It brings the idea of recycling to quite a different level. Beyond the Salon is the workshop, with the room, wall coverings, furniture and most of the tools dating back generations. It feels like a museum or movie set, untouched by time. The only concessions to modernity are modern, high-end work lamps suspended over each shoemaker’s work station. In… Read more >

The Spanish Riding School

…the program, it will soon be possible for there to be equal representation of male and female riders in the daily performances. The Spanish Riding School is by no means an action-packed riding extravaganza. It is a living museum where you can observe the successors of soldiers past, carrying on centuries-old traditions. It is a performance that shows at the… Read more >

Eat a City: Montréal

…seen in a restaurant before. First impressions: is it a museum, an antique shop? Old clocks, a flower room, an upside-down wooden house spins above a dining table. Have you stumbled into an Alice in Wonderland tea party? It’s all too much to absorb and puts you a bit off balance. Just in time a maitre d’ steps in to… Read more >

Kayaking the River Thames

…a different perspective on Central London”. Once under way, the Thames and its rich history became intensely vivid, and the importance of the river in the development of London came into full focus. The Thames has always been central to the history of London. In the Neolithic age, humans were living along the river Thames. The British Museum houses a… Read more >

Time-honored, Locally Sourced

…Crossing the threshold of E Smith Mercantile, it is immediately apparent that this is not your everyday modern store. Curiosities, locally sourced goods and traditional products that you just don’t see anymore. Part museum, part general store, part saloon: for an Austrian kid who grew up reading about cowboys and indians, this is how I pictured the general store…. Read more >

About the Bearleader

…reading where we have been you can easily chart your own adventures. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel … a lot. Over time, our friends began asking us for tips: a recommendation for a good restaurant in Pembrokshire; a place to stay in Alto Adige; what to do in Omaha; the best museum in London, if… Read more >

Spend the Weekend with Friends in the Catskills

…inspired, even in comparison with the more traditionally fawned-over landscapes of Italy and England. Visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, you can see for yourself what Cole is talking about in his beautiful interpretations of the 19th century Catskills. But let’s not rely too heavily on Cole’s word, because the Catskills are so easy to explore now,… Read more >