• Eat a City: Montréal

    Eat a City: Montréal

    The food of Montreal restaurants reflects the city’s early shifting alliances, with explorers and foreign governments all angling to take control of the …

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  • Philadelphia


    We traveled down New Jersey turnpike in search of the best places to eat in Philadelphia. We found a vibrant and burgeoning food scene. And as a bonus, in the …

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  • Eat a City: Vienna

    Eat a City: Vienna

    It s our second entry in Bearleader s Eat a City series, where we pick a city and hit the road to find great eateries we think you will enjoy. This …

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  • English Breakfast

    English Breakfast

    One of the true delights of a visit to the British Isles is indulging in the long-held tradition of the English Breakfast. But where should one go to …

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  • Eat a City: Brooklyn

    Eat a City: Brooklyn

    When the first Dutch settlers arrived in New Amsterdam at the tip of Manhattan it did not take them long to discover the rich farmland just across the East …

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  • Eat a City: Catskills, New York

    Eat a City: Catskills, New York

    There are two ways you can go if you want to escape New York City. The most popular one follows a route east along the coast and ends up in an area general …

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  • Eat Ojai

    Eat Ojai

    Spring is the time of year that makes the Ojai valley even more magical than usual. After all, it s Pixie season! That’s not when mystical beings appear in …

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  • Eat a City: Amsterdam

    Eat a City: Amsterdam

    Wandering through the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam around lunch time, I can t help dwelling on the Old Masters ample record of Dutch cuisine in their …

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  • Eat a City: Munich

    Eat a City: Munich

    We have received several emails of late from loyal Bearleader readers asking us to highlight more great food venues in and around the places we cover. You …

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  • Eat a City: Santa Cruz

    Eat a City: Santa Cruz

    Following in the footsteps of Don Caspar, the Spanish explorer who, in 1769, came upon the area now known as the City of Santa Cruz, we set out to discover the …

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  • Eat a City: Seattle

    Eat a City: Seattle

    Known as one of the world s capitals of coffee, Seattle has developed a thriving food scene to go with all those cappuccinos–over 3,500 restaurants strong, …

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  • Eat a City: Astoria, Oregon

    Eat a City: Astoria, Oregon

    When Lewis and Clark went in search of a water route to the Pacific Northwest, maintaining a regular supply of food was a major concern. One solution …

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