8 Things We Like for Smart Summer Travel

The summer travel season is well under way and Bearleader has prepared its list of favorite products to help make your summer adventures extraordinary!

Planning for an adventure means packing light but also being ready to take advantage of whatever opportunity comes your way. So save space with double duty items and only pack what you need. Here are the products we like for this summer’s travel.


1 Emotional Baggage Luggage Tag

To make sure that there is no mix-up at baggage claim we suggest these tongue-and-cheeks luggage tags from one of our favorite shops, The School of Life. They are sure to elicit conversations as you travel along your way.

Shop at the School of Life >


2 BUTTER Elixr Face Oil

If you don’t want to lug too many skincare products around on your next trip, try Butter elixir facial oil for the perfect catch-all skin care product. Whether hiking the Alps or exploring the streets of Paris, all natural Butter Elixir leaves your skin hydrated and feeling fresh.

Shop at Butter >


3 Boratti Cobalt Toiletry Bag

The Boratti toiletry bag will brighten up even the drabbest hotel room. Available in three sizes, small, medium and large, one will be a perfect fit for your toiletries to stay organized on the road.

Shop at Designer’s Guild >


4 Hand-Carved Horus Rings

Jovana Djuric is a New York City-based artist and jewelry designer.
Her hand-carved Horus Rings can be worn “mix and match”, and are the perfect way to add style to your travel wardrobe.

Shop at Jovana Djuric >


5 Hand-Sewn Slippers

Each pair of Feit shoes is made by one master craftsman. The seamless upper part of the shoe is made from a single piece of leather, hand stitched at the heel.

Feit sources all its leather from Italian and British tanneries with most of the leather vegetable dyed. The design is simple, timeless, combines comfort and style, and can be worn by men or women.

Shop at Feit >


6 London Travel Guide Through Time

Dr. Matthew Green is an Oxford-trained Historian who, in addition to his writing, guides historical walking tours in his hometown London. “London a travel Guide through time” is Green’s first book. In it Dr. Green gives readers a street level-guide through London’s thousand year history; from Shakespearean London to medieval street life to Holywell the red-light district of Victorian London to the horrors of the Blitz in WWII to the shop of Mary Quant inventor of the miniskirt, and much more.

If traveling is not in the cards for you this summer, at least you can have your own exotic tour from the comfort of your back garden with Dr. Green’s book.

To meet Dr. Green in the flesh, add one of his walking tours to your to-do list on your next London visit.

Shop >


7 Circle Bag

Baggu, the San Francisco-based mother and daughter run bag company, offers many products that make packing and staying organized while traveling easy. We recently bought some of Baggu’s leather circle bags and use them to store small items in our luggage. When it’s time to go out at night, we have the perfect stylish bag ready to go. The simply designed, soft leather bag, in a great range of colors is a versatile addition to your travel wardrobe.

Shop at Baggu >


8 Blunt Umbrella

Rain or shine these sturdy, well-designed umbrellas are a useful accessory for your next trip. New Zealand based Blunt went to great length to rethink and redesign umbrellas. The revolutionary canopy and radial tension system can withstand strong winds far beyond what most traveler would encounter. Don’t buy cheap umbrellas on the road that will quickly break and end up in the bin. Think ahead and pick up one of Blunt’s small sturdy and colorful umbrellas before you go.

Shop at Blunt >

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