• Hotel Pavillon de La Reine

    Hotel Pavillon de La Reine

    Through a small passage off the north arcade of the Place des Vosges, sits the Pavilion of the Queen , a place where you can lodge in the style of …

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  • The Dream Inn

    The Dream Inn

    Vacation Stay No.12: On the eve of yet another nor’easter blanketing New York with a pristine white coat of snow, and with spring still months away, we just …

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  • Hauser & Wirth Farm

    Hauser & Wirth Farm

    A few weeks ago a friend called from San Francisco with a question. I m visiting London with my mother soon and we want to take a day trip into the …

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  • Country Retreat for the Urban Weary

    Country Retreat for the Urban Weary

    This week we make our way from city to country to spend a few blissful nights in a bed and breakfast in wales. Accommodations of the bed-and-breakfast type are …

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  • Artist Residence

    Artist Residence

    Boutique hotels report: We checked in at the Artist Residency hotel on a chilly Sunday night just a few months after they opened. This is the third in a series …

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  • Getaway to Spain, Via Arizona

    Getaway to Spain, Via Arizona

    If you are anything like us, around the official end of winter you start to get a bit impatient for a little warmth and sunshine in your life. It seems like …

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  • Relive the History of Myanmar’s Colonial Capital at the Strand

    Relive the History of Myanmar’s Colonial Capital at the Strand

    “Beauty is meaningless unless it is shared,” wrote George Orwell in his novel “Burmese Days”. Entering the lobby of the Strand Hotel in Yangon …

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  • Spend the Weekend with Friends in the Catskills

    Spend the Weekend with Friends in the Catskills

    Must I tell you that neither the Alps nor the Apennines, no, nor even Aetna itself, have dimmed, in my eyes, the beauty of our own Catskills? It seems to me …

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  • Hotel Sorrento

    Hotel Sorrento

    The historic Hotel Sorrento in Seattle s Capital Hill neighborhood has long attracted explorers and eccentrics. Built in 1909 by apparel merchant Samuel …

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  • Schloss Bernstein

    Schloss Bernstein

    Some of the best sleep-over experiences happen when the place you stay is also what you have gone to see. Taking this to the extreme, the other day I got a …

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  • Hanok Hotel Hagindang

    Hanok Hotel Hagindang

    A city founded on its legendary access to the cleanest and most pure water, Jeonju was the birthplace of the Joseon Empire, which reigned for five centuries. …

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  • Twin Farms Vermont

    Twin Farms Vermont

    Boutique hotels report: Arriving mid-morning on a glorious autumn day, we were greeted warmly by Brenda, the guest activities director. It had been a long …

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  • Hotel Ammos

    Hotel Ammos

    I arrived in Chania late at night and was met by a taxi driver I had arranged for in advance. As we set off, the driver took great care to explain the …

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  • Night Watch at the Great Columbia River

    Night Watch at the Great Columbia River

    Their momentous journey at an end, Louis and Clark finally reached the mouth of the mighty Columbia river, catching sight of the Pacific in mid-November 1805. …

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  • Park Hyatt Vienna

    Park Hyatt Vienna

    Boutique hotels report: This month we engaged world travelers and men about town Teddy and Winston to sniff out some of the exclusive services on offer at the …

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  • Hotel V Nesplein

    Hotel V Nesplein

    The Hotel V Nesplein is a recently opened, four star, 43 room hotel carved out of a former office building. The building has been lovingly restored and given …

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  • Shaker Village at Enfield

    Shaker Village at Enfield

    Popular for their distinctively simple and well crafted goods, architecture and apparel, the Shakers and the utopian villages they created continue to be a …

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  • Old Manhattan and New Stay at the Viceroy

    Old Manhattan and New Stay at the Viceroy

    Midtown Manhattan is the home of the city’s most iconic buildings. You know the most famous ones: the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the …

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