7 Things We Like for Smart Summer Travel

The summer travel season is well underway and Bearleader has prepared its list of favorite products to help make your summer adventures extraordinary!

Planning for an adventure means packing light but also being ready to take advantage of whatever opportunity comes your way. So save space with double duty items and only pack what you need. Jasmine Chang, our Market editor, gives us her favorite picks for this summer’s travel.

1 Vionic White Criss Cross Sandal

Easy-on, easy-off. These shoes are so convenient for summer travel through airport security. With an ergonomic footbed, they are also super comfortable. The little platform gives added height, so leave the heels at home! They run a bit large and the leather stretches with wear so consider ordering a half or whole size smaller depending on the width of your dainty feet.

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2 Art of Shaving Travel Shave Kits

Smartly sized for passage through TSA when you traveling sans checked bag. I love the calming essence of my boyfriend’s lavender products and have I been known on occasion to “borrow”. Better throw in some extra for your travel partner.

Shop for the Lavender Starter Shaving Kit at Art of Shaving

Shop for the Lemon Starter Shaving Kit at Art of Shaving

3 Wooden Sleeper Stenciled Tote

Anything vintage tends to catch my eye. Case in point this extra sturdy tote from Wooden Sleepers in Red Hook, Brooklyn, looks authentically vintage without the wear and tear of an old bag—so it’s even better! Its large enough carry bag-in-bag trick while boarding, keeping your handbag from attracting the ire of the boarding attendants.

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4 Bra and Leggings from Yummie

Hands-down, the most comfortable pant to wear while traveling is leggings. A bit of leg compression on long-haul flights makes a big difference. Perfect under a white shirt, Yummie’s stylish panel design is a fresh take on this ubiquitous wardrobe item.

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Traveling these days is uncomfortable enough, make sure you dress for the occasion. Underwires are better left out of the air-travel ensemble. This pullover, lightly molded cup bra is a breeze to wear and gives you just enough support to make the most of your destination. Also, easy to wash in the sink and dries fats while you’re on the road.

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5 Adidas Outdoor Non-dye White Sneakers

These super-light sneakers weigh almost nothing to help keep your luggage under the weight limit. Their sock-like construction makes them extremely soft and comfortable. And the best part is, they’re built for light trail running so durable for working out and stylish if you slip them on for a night out. As an added bonus, they’re completely dye-free, supporting the environment they’re meant to be worn in.

Shop for Adidas Outdoor Non-dye White Sneakers

6 Stowaway Travel-sized Make-up

Super small packaging saves space and make less waste. Just throw the tiny lipstick in your pocket or clutch and you’re good to go! Since they are so petite I suggest keeping them in a makeup bag instead of in your bag. You wouldn’t want to lose your new favorite lipstick in the mysterious depths of your tote!

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7 Sonage Hydrating Cleanser

I have become such a fan of functional packaging as well as beautiful packaging. The spout twisting shut cap makes it the perfect product no-spills travel. A gentle face wash that removes makeup and impurities, rich in essential oils and botanical extracts so it leaves skin clean and well nourished.

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