Stay No.8 Park Hyatt Vienna

This month we engaged world travelers and men about town Teddy and Winston to sniff out some of the exclusive services on offer at the dog friendly, Park Hyatt in Vienna. Teddy and Winston are endowed with the correct number of legs needed to help us investigate the hotel’s V.I.D (Very Important Dog) services.

Dog Friendly in Vienna

Right, so Teddy and I came directly from the airport. Nothing like rolling the windows down and getting your head out in the breeze to get a sense for a new place. The Park Hyatt is right in the Center and in no time we pulled up to the front door. Impressive front door! Looks like a bank or something. What’s that Teddy? Oh, I guess it was a bank. makes sense then.

Up the “bank” steps we go, the doorman has very shiny shoes. In my experience that’s usually a good sign. Hold up Teddy, the reservations is in my name, all prearranged by the boss.

Teddy and I give the lobby a quick going over. Beautifully restored and all the ‘bankiness’ has been nicely transformed. A lot of people go cheap on the baseboards but not here. All marble, nice touch Park Hyatt. I’m exhausted, let’s go up to the room.

Hey look Teddy, we have our own beds! I mean I can sleep anywhere but Teddy’s back gives him fits if he doesn’t get his 12 hours. And look the bowls are out, room service has already delivered lunch and the smell of cookies is in the air. Teddy! find out where that smell is coming from.

Teddy! the cookies! what? Snacks first and then we can check out Vienna. Teddy is looking at the K-9 walking map they left with the cookies. Looks like wherever you go there’s a sausage stand on the way, what a great city!

Next morning the Boss is busy but no worries, Hyatt has arranged a walker to show us around. Teddy, we’re working for Bearleader today, so we’ve got to move it. Hold on, that’s some freshly prepared food from the kitchen in my bowl, and Teddy, they remembered your wheat allergy. Let’s work on that first… and the sun’s just about to hit my bed. Maybe a quick nap before we go out. Catch you in a bit, how do they say… Aufwiedersehen!

Thanks Winston and Teddy for that fine bit of travel reporting on some of the best dog friendly accommodations.

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Check out all the details of the Park Hyatt’s great pet services at; www.vienna.park.hyatt.com

Photography and story by Daniela Stallinger

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