Somerset Ice

…really comes by way of the English. Maybe that is why my favorite Christmas is an English one. So, for your classic Christmas extravaganza, stock up on Christmas crackers, don your paper crown, pop a threepence in the plumb pudding, and book your ticket to London. There’s a bevy of activities available in London during the holiday season with various… Read more >

Hanok Hotel Hagindang

…the high-speed train and then took the tour, then our guide dropped us off at the Hanok. The next day we explored more of the sights and spent a few hours watching and joining in with Koreans as they went about their favorite weekend activities, a real highlight of the trip. Ongofood will be happy to book the Hanok for… Read more >

Climbing a Wall in Ojai

…which started when I recently decided to make a visit to Ojai, California. In researching the activities that surround this picturesque valley I noticed that nearby is one of the foundational climbing spots in the development of the sport in California. A wall of rock tilted at just the right angle so the natural traction between rock and climber is… Read more >

Eat Jeonju Food Tour

…dizzying array of places to eat. It’s one of Korea’s top destinations but is little frequented by western tourists—for now. We got an early start on a Saturday morning, meeting our guide at Yongsan Station in Seoul. The train depot was buzzing with Korean families, couples and group of friends all heading out of the city for weekend activities. Fortunately,… Read more >

Proper Working Class Luxury

…starts out front where guests enter through a cafe-style seating area. All are welcome to sit and enjoy the activities of the street while partaking in coffee, tea and treats, served in Hermann’s Wohnzimmer (living room). Hermann’s Wohnzimmer is a bit more intimate and, as the name suggests, honors Hermann Greulich, his love of reading and his reputation for entertaining… Read more >

Twin Farms Vermont

…Arriving mid-morning on a glorious autumn day, we were greeted warmly by Brenda, the guest activities director. It had been a long drive and, noticing our need for nourishment, Brenda quickly fixed us up with some treats from the kitchen before leading us on a quick orientation walk around the property. The story of Twin Farms begins with Nobel Prize… Read more >

Night Watch at the Great Columbia River

…on the mighty Columbia River, interspersed with trips into town for local shopping and some real dining treats. Astoria’s packed full of great activities for a weekend away and the Cannery Pier Hotel is a great place to headquarter your expedition to Astoria, where the Columbia meets the Pacific Details For details, directions and check on special offers go to;… Read more >

Ham House

…amongst the domes of lavender and santolina focusing on a statue of Bacchus, the god of wine, the Duchess and her private guests would have “taken the air” away from the bustling activities of the house. Near the house are the “working” gardens where the estate grew its own produce. The National Trust, which has maintained the house since the… Read more >

River Cottage To Table

…mapped out the day’s activities. First, River Cottage farm was a TV set and laboratory of sorts for Hugh to test his farming, foraging, and husbandry ideas. Now it is a working farm and a modern state-of-the-art culinary school, which spreads Hugh’s message through hands-on instruction one person at a time. The facilities are state of the art and quite… Read more >

Taking Flight in Doddington

…Leigh started working with birds as a teenager and has never looked back. His dream to bring falconeering to a wider public really shows in his enthusiasm for the sport. His young son Edward joined in on the activities periodically, in between romps in the garden. He is already an accomplished falconer, following in dad’s footsteps. First Laura brought out… Read more >

Eat Munich

…visited lately, this one has the best back story. Built in 1906 as a public toilet for the English Garden, it served its intended purpose for many years. Eventually the building acquired a reputation for drug dealing and other illicit activities, and it was officially boarded up and left to decay. Then one day a few years ago, the overgrown… Read more >

Eat, Chat, Love at Eschi Fiege’s Vegetarian Mittagstisch

…publishing house offered her a book deal. The new book is titled, naturally, “Mittagstisch”. So now we can all benefit from Eschi’s years of kitchen experiments. It’s in German, but I am hoping for an English version soon. Well, I have exceeded my hour-long lunch with Eschi and have to move on with the afternoon’s activities. But I am definitely… Read more >

A New Jazz Age on Governors island

…The signature Elderflower cocktail was a big hit and helped loosen up the crowd. Dancing ensued and the combination of food, friends and festivities slowly built through the day. Aside from the music and dancing there are many other activities on offer: Compete in the pie contest, have your portrait taken recreating the famous Paper Moon scene, or inspect the… Read more >

The Good Host

…the day of my hike, I had been absent all day and tried to sneak into the hotel unnoticed after dusk, but was spotted by Penelope and Yannis, of the wait staff. They noticed my wobbly legs and said one word, “Samaria?” We laughed and exchanged some jokes and stories about the day’s amazing activities. If you like, you can… Read more >

High Altitude Greek Cooking

…keeping, and hiking excursions throughout Crete. You can arrange private classes and tours to suit your schedule. Some of the more challenging hikes require proper equipment. So if you are interested in those activities, enquire before you arrive, and get advice on what equipment to bring. Details For more information about Natour Lab; Photography and story by Daniela Stallinger… Read more >

Tribeca and its 10 Best

…was ignored for many years. But in recent years that has all changed with Tribeca being one of the beneficiaries of development of the west side waterfront. Now just west of Tribeca a vast park system offers a plethora of activities to New Yorkers and visitors. Emerging from Tribeca’s western edge, we leave the city behind and head out over… Read more >