Welcome to Jasmine Chang, Bearleader’s new Market Editor

We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Market Editor, Jasmine Chang to the Bearleader editorial team. A native New Yorker and thirty-year fashion insider, Jasmine has built a stellar reputation working with classic magazines; Self, Oprah, Good Housekeeping … Her innate sense of style coupled with years of expertise has helped her to consistently implement high fashion standards and innovative strategies across multiple editorial and retail brands.

Says Jasmine; “I love to juxtapose luxury brands and their place in society with more affordable brands and their mass appeal. I work better when the two worlds come together. That to me is the true meaning of style.”

As an enthusiastic traveler, always on the lookout for inspiration and adventure at home and on the road, we asked Jasmine to share a few insights with us and to tell us where in the world she has in mind to head off to next.

Bearleader: What’s your current favorite destination city that you would like to travel too?

Jasmine: That’s a no-brainer, Paris, as cliche as it sounds. It somehow feels like home to a native New Yorker.

Bearleader: Do you have a dream vacation listed on your bucket list?

Jasmine: India, but I would need to stay long enough to be able to immerse myself in the culture and not just be a tourist.

Bearleader: What’s your top priority travel-wardrobe-item to pack when you are about to hit the road?

Jasmine: A lightweight down jacket from Uniqlo. They pack into themselves and cost nothing to replace if lost.

Bearleader: Closer to home, where are you drawn to in New York City?

Jasmine: Any place in Brooklyn that has uneven cobblestone streets, Vinegar Hill, Dumbo, Red Hook…I love imperfection. No heels allowed!

Bearleader: What was your coolest assignment, so far?

Jasmine: Definitely styling Spinal tap for their tour in 1992. Hands down.

Bearleader: What have you found lately that would be perfect for the summer travel season?

Jasmine: Fresh off the runway, this tan colored Jill Haber suede bag, it’s practical, fits your passport, and will add a chic touch to your travel outfit.

We look forward to Jasmine’s imaginative point of view on travel and fashion in future issues with seasonal features and guides to help you travel with style!